In this episode we observe bears in the wild. Observation has shown that these free-range bears act in a very unusual way – for this era. They are regularly observed helping one another, to include cross-species assistance. It seems certain that if there is a tough winter this year, these bears will not be hibernating. They will be helping each other weather the storm. We humans could learn much from these bears in light of the possible storms to come. Did you know that a group of bears is referred to as a “sleuth”? Ironically it does not take a detective to comprehend that help freely offered within a group ensures survival rates. It is claimed that there are 8 species of bear. It is very unusual to see cooperation across species, let alone eight of them. This reality appears to be a product of the modern era where new threats and hardships are emerging – often in the Fall, and of a scripted nature. Not to worry, bears adapt quickly. As a matter of fact, the “bear” also holds a special place in the Skyclock. There is a seven-star asterism called the Big Dipper which can be found in the larger constellation Ursa Major (big bear). While two stars (Merak and Dubhe) in the Dipper cup point the way to the North Star (Polaris), the stars of Ursa Major never set and rotate around the all-important Pole Star, which always shows the way. Getting back down to earth we can once again observe the ever-growing Sleuth of bears. If you observe long enough you might notice that there seems to be a relationship between the bear and the crow. They have been observed in the wild cooperating in order to fend off larger threats – often of a scripted nature. And while it seems this relationship may be an ancient one, we are now observing the powerful cooperation of Ursus and Corvus. It will be interesting to observe this natural alliance as winter sets in with its hardships… usually of a scripted nature. Stand by for the low point of the Sun on December 21st when the night will no longer lengthen and Days grow longer. Let us close with a prayer for human observers who have much to learn from the truths in nature. “I love God and the Creation with all my heart, I will be the best that I can be, I will serve others selflessly”.

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