Once upon a time it was common knowledge that the plant kingdom played a key role in health and healing. The plant kingdom is powered by what used to be known as Helios. And yes, the word health is thereby derived. We call it the Sun and it is symbolized by gold, the only element in this world that does not age, deteriorate or diminish with time. One might say that when we eat plants we are being powered by the Sun – or healed. The alchemists of yesterday assure us that there is a use, cause and reason for every single plant that exists in this creation. It is also claimed that plants are the second life-wave in this Creation, the first being minerals. It is said that each life-wave contains, and is made up of, the previous life-wave. If true this means minerals came first then plants which contain minerals and then animals which contain the previous two, and lastly us, containing all of them. The art of spagyrics utilized and comprehended the magic of plants and their ability to cure most known ailments. Then chemistry came along and defamed the very art on which it required to exist – spagyrics. So here we are now in a world where spagyrics is defamed, the magic of plants forgotten and you are a sinner if you value and appreciate the sun openly. At least gold is still valued… but for the wrong reason. Most of us have forgotten it is the symbol for the Sun and of the highest possible state in this reality – and the reason the plant kingdom exists and is available to feed and heal us. In short, this is a very long-winded way to demonstrate the importance of the plant kingdom.

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