490- Beneficial Frequencies & Vibrations in the Age of Electricity (Free)

I suspect we are moving into an “energy” age. If this is correct the energy is electricity. This would also mean we are leaving an age based in “materialism”. In this episode we talk about energy and ways to surround ourselves with beneficial energies. It is time we pay attention to frequencies as electricity is on the cusp of running everything in the modern world. In short, there are beneficial frequencies (energy/vibration) and there are unhealthy frequencies. As our world becomes inundated with wireless energies, it seems very little thought and effort has been put into ensuring healthy environments for living beings. And yet, disputes still linger on with regard to whether or not there is any difference between 432 Hz and 440 Hz. This one small example relates to most of the music in our world and how it is created. Truly, there is a difference of 8 cycles per second, but does this small difference matter? That is the core of the dispute. One could look at cymatic plates (Chladni plates) to confirm there is a notable difference, but this still does not solve what is beneficial and what is not. To this end we need to begin paying attention and creating a knowledge-base of frequencies. Knowing what energies create what colors and forms is a good place to start. This can also be applied to music corresponding a certain note, to a certain color, to a certain form. After all, Energy/Vibration/Frequency are the foundation of all form and function in our material world. Over time this will come back into focus for those who pay attention. If this is the energy age (it must be) it is supposed that comprehension of 5 subtle forms of electricity will be discovered again. It is also supposed that 5 human senses correspond. For now, the issue is subtlety. Having been involved in gross materiality for centuries, it may take time for our senses to finely focus, once again, on the subtle realities of our world. It is also supposed that gaining subtle comprehension of energies opens the door to higher consciousness and many abilities that would appear magical to us currently. It should also be considered that the 1960s “New Age” social programming has had a dulling effect on how we consider things like vibration and crystals. Maybe, as comprehension of subtle energies grows, the benefits and abilities of living beings will follow. The age of electricity is here. Whether or not it is an actual age change, the reality of what we see confirms our electric future. Hopefully, subtle energies and frequencies will come back into focus as we move forward. Hopefully, an effort will be made to ensure that the created energies are beneficial to living beings.

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