493- Defining the Certification of Birth Paper Trail (Free)

Our guest has spent a lot of time tracking documents and defining the language and source of the certification paper trail that begins at most births. Along the way there have been many twists and turns, to say the least. Trying to discover who created the documents and what the words in them mean has been a chore, and in some cases impossible. And yet, the documents exist and are initiated all over the world when a new life enters this realm. It is now known that the documents serve a purpose that very few (if any who sign them) parents are aware of. In short, we are all born with rights granted to us by the Creator. These documents serve as a concerted effort to abridge or remove God given rights. In essence a fictitious legal entity is created using the birth name and the after birth of the baby, which is usually left behind by the parents, who are unaware of the ruse. The newly created legal fiction will play a major role in the remainder of the new life that has been certified. In fact, the entire process is fraud and operates as if an agreement was knowingly entered into, which is not the case. One might also point out that a newborn is not capable of entering into contracts. To make things worse the whole of “civil” systems has been created assuming no fraud has occurred, and this system runs nearly all facets of modern life. Lastly, the trap is kept in force by convincing any given birth certified life that they are their name. Even if that was true, which it is not, the name employed in the civil ruse is written in uppercase letters which usually goes unnoticed by the living man or woman who has been fooled into accepting that they are their name. It would serve folks well to consider the biblical phrase “I Am”. After all, I am that I am, and I am not my name – nor are you, or should I say “thee”? For thou hath now been informed of the truth of the matter, and yet it has been said: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). And here in closing, I will point out that changing the word “destroyed” to “enslaved” in the quote from Hosea better reflects the gravity of the fraud we (the certified) have all been living under, due to our own delusions. For my part, I am!

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