504- The Fall of Money, the Rise of One, Zero and Control (Free)

Once upon a time, in our not-too-distant past, value was created by nature. For time immemorial cultures agreed that gold and silver are valuable. Beyond monetary concerns these elemental metals are known to have intrinsic value as well, due to a myriad of uses beyond buying and selling. Spiritually gold and silver also have meaning as they are naturally occurring in this Creation. As an example, gold is associated with the sun and known to embody the highest possible nature within this material existence, never rusting or diminishing in any way. Gold remains “pure” representing the highest spiritual attainment. At the point where man-made forms of “money” were detached from nature, or gold and silver, the road to total synthetic control of wealth was paved. Cultural acceptance of money detached from wealth, or value, was cleverly established through decades of buying and selling using IOU’s (fiat currency) free of any value, intrinsic or otherwise. This ruse established the acceptance of printed paper, backed by nothing, as “normal”. This, in turn, led us to where we currently exist on the cusp of total monetary control by unelected forces who plan to track and control all “monetary” transactions, and in doing so, modify and control behavior. If accepted this will amount to monetary slavery, and a loss of freedom at levels not seen before in known history. It is ironic that those who worked so hard to create crypto free of controls, in the end, helped normalize and pave the way for powers that do not tolerate competition of any kind. One might examine recent bank failures and their involvement with crypto currencies, to include crypto transaction services that were offered before the banks “failed”. The central bank may as well adopt the tagline from the 1986 film “Highlander” as its mission statement – “There can only be one.” And that one is meant to be the Central Bank Digital Currency, controlled by unelected, non-federal, central bank families who want total control of everything, everywhere. They want to track every single transaction on Earth. They want to program the fake money to control what can and cannot be purchased. They want this imaginary money to have an expiration date giving a limited time to use it. They want to make it impossible to have a savings account. They want to prevent inheritance from parents to children. They want to end any idea of ownership. And to top it off, if this malicious system is accepted, society will have agreed that money is not wealth. Underneath it all there is spiritual warfare. Will you claim and defend your God given rights or will you opt in to the synthetic life on offer that cares not for truth or the Creation of which we are beneficiaries, granted to us by the Creator at birth.

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