507- The Radioactive Wastelands that Never Were (Free)

Human beings tend to accept information simply because they have been told by authority that the information is true. It is astonishing the amount of information, history, and events in general that are “believed”, and yet, fail to stand up to simple logic or common sense. Nonetheless, here we are, residing in a world of belief that has been carefully crafted by those who invent our future. Much of it is built on fiction, and powered by belief. How can it be true that nuclear bombs were dropped on two large cities during WWII when there has never been a time when plants, animals, people and drinkable water were absent from these locations? How can it be that wildlife and plant life are thriving at Chernobyl, and have been since the supposed nuclear incident? Applying the most basic logic to carefully crafted nuclear narratives will very quickly begin to unveil falsehood. We have all been taught to associate the mushroom cloud with nukes, and yet, any explosion of size will create the very same effect. So, do world leaders have a magical red button that could destroy the world… or don’t they? The answer to this question will likely come down to whether or not you choose to apply logic and common sense. After all is said and done, fear-driven, belief-based social engineering works. It has been implemented knowing that very few of us will bother to use our God given abilities to challenge fantastic claims. There is even a fake age that is claimed to have begun at the detonation of the first nuclear weapon on 7/16/45, at 5:29 am. The supposed weapon was called “The Gadget” and it was detonated, code named “Trinity”, at a site named “Jornada del Muerto”. The fabricated age, of course, is the “Atomic Age”. Words have meaning, and the words of interest above begin to unveil the decades old occult nuke programming. As there is no room to play the word game here, read James Shelby Downard’s “King Kill 33” which decodes how programming of this kind works. For those of you who are no longer afraid of nukes, have a beautiful day! For those of you who “know” nuclear weapons are a reality, you may want to brush up on the proper way to “Duck and Cover” – or just go hide under your desk.

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