508- There Used to be Natural Weather (Free)

All these decades later you can still point up to the persistent white lines in the sky in an attempt to get people to catch on to the reality of weather manipulation. But still, they mostly look at you like you have lost your mind. It is quite frustrating considering weather manipulation is openly admitted at this point. What has not been admitted is the horrible metals and chemicals that have been saturating our air for decades now, due to nearly non-stop spraying all over the world. There seems to be an open checkbook to pay for this program, and the coverage is truly mind-boggling. And, it is not surprising that so many minds have not woken up to this true conspiracy as filming chemtrail spraying planes and the word “chemtrail” were among the most heavily censored videos as AI began to make possible mass-control of online content. I first began filming “chemtrails” in the early 2000s in an effort to ring the alarm bell. Then, as now, very few minds seem to have the capacity to consider a worldwide weather take over. Currently there is also talk of nano-dust and nano-bots being part of the chemical payload, that anyone can see, anywhere in the US, in any given week. And while I am not sure this is yet proven, it would not surprise me one bit. Of all the strange things I filmed with my telescopes and high-end cameras, what I filmed in and around chemtrails still tops the list. In my film, called Shoot the Moon, that covers my nearly 6 years of filming, I included a clip of what I call the shooting orb. It is a ball of light that drops into a chemtrail and flies against the wind as it shoots plasma-like beams into the chemical trail. It is beyond bazaar, undeniable, and proof that there is something momentous going on. As a matter of fact, I have filmed many so-called orbs, but I never filmed a single orb absent from chemtrails. Once you see one with your own eyes you are left with endless questions and the reality that either our tech is way beyond what we think, or others are getting involved. There are many researchers you can follow who dedicate all their time to chemtrails and weather manipulation if you wish to know more. But sadly, for my part, I suspect we are all being turned into metal saturated antennas in a world of Wi-Fi network signals. And this is only one supposition of a very complex conspiracy. And yes, it is a conspiracy, and yes, weather manipulation is admitted and openly becoming part of the climate change agenda which will soon attempt to make 2020 lock-downs look like child’s play. That is, unless a few hundred thousand adults stand up and defend the God given rights of their children.

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