517- Would You Like to Play a Game of World-Wide Chess? (Free)

It does not take a genius to comprehend the planned implosion of America. Nor is it hard to see that this controlled demolition is happening in many places that used to be prosperous. And yet, there are no protests in the streets, or push-back of any kind that matters. This will change at some point, but by then the systemic fall will occur nonetheless. Change is coming and it is guaranteed at this point. What is not yet guaranteed is what that change will be. New systems have yet to be established but many of them are designed to remove freedom and track absolutely everything. Total control of money is among the planned changes. It comes down to whether or not large numbers of the living stand up to control and corporate bullies. But even if this does not happen each of us individually can choose our path. When all is said and done, what is being done all over the world amounts to spiritual warfare, and a bid for slavery, nearly everywhere. 1984 is no longer just some book we all read in middle school, and the reality of what used to be considered fiction looms large. Unless large numbers of living men and women stand up against things that are unacceptable, a very dark era is about to unfold. As we cover in this episode, there are still places in this world that are exempt from the onslaught – at least for now. And since no one else seems to be saying what many are thinking, I will say it. A strong moral and spiritual compass at a societal level would end the evil agenda tomorrow. My compass is fixed on north – how about you? By the way, have you ever witnessed so many broken compasses before? I guess entertainment and media are truly a force to be reckoned with. Maybe there should be a law that prevents monopoly of such weapons while there is still some reality behind of the rule of law.

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