522- A New Life Enters Our Realm Avoiding Synthetic Impairments (Free)

This is a love story that came to be due to a podcast. Two minds were searching for something of value, beyond the high gloss cover up of mainstream normalization. One might ask – what is normal? In our era normal seems to be whatever people are used to doing. Dissatisfied, many minds are beginning to question the validity of the mainstream systems we have accepted for so long. The high-tech, high gloss patina of normalized systems is beginning to crack like old paint, and searching fingers are peeling away the cover coat to see what lies beneath. Ironically, in many cases, we are finding that the old finish was better. It was of higher quality, and it made sense. And yet, a superior reality was painted over with inferior quality, inferior intent and inferior ideology. The valueless top-level finish has now been spotted, along with the warped mindset that planned the cover-up of better ways. The realization of our situation is setting in, as is recognition of mainstream intent, ensuring all facets of modern life may soon face scrutiny. It is a sobering day when one comes to the realization that somehow down has become up, and black and white are now just shades of grey… and very few people seem to notice, or care. This brings us back to the love story. A man and women fell in love, and along the way a life began at the zygote, between them. The promise of new life required them to focus on birth, and deceptive medical systems rife with offers that undermine naturally bestowed benefits. The offers are often portrayed as being mandatory, which they are not. The offers seek to hide the fact that synthetic approximations can never approach the genuine processes of Nature. The two lovers stood determined to navigate the port of entry and avoid synthetic impairments that ignore Nature, and carry risks that intend for the best of the best to be born somewhere else. Here is the account of a new life that did not forfeit the possibility of becoming the best of the best, spiritually, or otherwise.

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