523- Growing Food - It all Starts with Soil, Known as Earth (Free)

Many are starting to comprehend that systems are starting to demand costs far beyond money. Food systems included. It is for this reason that there is a resurging interest in growing food, and gardening in general. Realization is setting in that it would not take much to interrupt food supplies, planned, or otherwise. In other words, it is a crucial time to grow, or produce, what food you can, whether in pots, a small piece of land, or a full-blown garden. It all starts with soil, also known as earth. The quality of soil is foundational and will determine the quality and bounty of any planted harvest. This basic tenet is proven by the quality of produce and vegetables in our supermarkets, which have been grown in chemical and fertilizer depleted soils. How many times have you heard your grandparents complain about the tasteless, low-quality vegetables, as compared with their memory of a time before industrial chemical farming. In this episode we cover many aspects of what is required to produce quality foods from seed. The time is now to get back to producing your own food, at any level you can manage. If you do not have food and water, nothing else matters. As I wrote this it occurred to me that in my mind there is a difference between the word’s dirt and soil. I also noticed that the word soil is interchangeable with the word earth. I moved the letter “H” from the end of the word earth, to the front of the word, noticing the resonance of words. For most of us who grow things, it comes from the “h”eart. Bear in mind that if you have room to grow a moderate sized garden, it is likely you will be able to feed more than just your immediate family – hence – combining heart with earth, as we all should be doing, all the time.

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