527- The First and Most Basic Life - Crystals (Free)

There is a very primal feeling that emerges when I look at, or hold, crystals. Many years ago, I read that life came to be in the following order. First were minerals and crystals. The latter being the most stationary and basic form of life. Next came the plant kingdom, which contains the mineral kingdom within it. Then came the animal kingdom, which contains the previous two life levels, in the course of being alive. Lastly came us, and we, in turn, contain all the previous levels of life. I always loved this description, and to this day I wonder if it is so. Crystals play a big role in my daily life as I am always around them. But this came to be for a specific reason. Not too far back I was plagued with negative “frequency” noises in my left, and sometimes both, ears. It bothered me to no end and often woke me up at night. One day I made up my mind to set about “reprinting” my home. With all I had learned I planned to make an effort to stop the negative frequencies using crystals, positive frequencies in the form of audio, implementing Wi-Fi control, and all other positive intention-based ideas I could come up with – to include sage smudge sticks. I first chose the crystals I would use for my home based on my attraction to them, and color. Next, I installed speakers in every room (for solfeggio and other “good vibration” audio) of my home. I hardwired all digital devices and made a single WI-FI point with an easy kill switch. I learned how to, and employed sage smudge sticks and incense. Lastly, I employed, to the best of my ability, my powers of intention, which in turn, was incorporated with each of the steps described here. Cut to the chase. I have not heard, or been bothered by, negative frequency sensations since before my efforts to combat them began. During all this I learned first-hand the power of positive intention, beneficial frequencies, color, form and the power of crystals, which can be programmed with my intention. I live in a very different world than I did some 20 years ago. It is vastly more peaceful and happier. But above all I now know, first hand, that nature shows us the way, truthfully. I have learned that the foundations of our world, as proven by nature, can be tapped into for our benefit. Color, frequency, shapes, forms, speech, smells, thought, etc., can be thought of as vibration, and as such, can be positive or negative in our experience of them. I consider my home to be positively imprinted now, and in this the negative vibrations that plagued me have been replaced (over powered, nullified, replaced?) creating an infinitely better place to live. My crystals play a key and ongoing role in maintaining and strengthening my now positively imprinted home. As we move forward it is very exciting to see the art of CYMATICS coming back into fashion. For me, everything I spoke about here started the day I comprehended what the sand and plate cymatics experiments are actually demonstrating, and crystals are living examples of such natural truths – from my point of view, at this moment in time. After all, who knows what I may discover tomorrow, or how my comprehension may have grown by then?!

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