529- Seeking Health in a Talk-Sick World (Free)

As we head into the new age, we do so in a world that has become a very toxic place. This is particularly true for those of us who live in cities. From the additives in our drinking water, to whatever it is that is being sprayed in our skies, it has become increasingly difficult to stay healthy. To top it off, corporate food production has steadily sacrificed nutrition and quality for quantity, and has done so through the chemicalization of farming. It is with these woes in mind that those who care about health are implementing detoxing regimes, as well as nutritional supplements. Those in the know comprehend that all supplements are not created equal. These informed few also know that each of us is different. One man may lack vitamin C, while a woman he knows may be in need of magnesium. The main point here is that each of us needs to take responsibility for health and develop an inner knowing, with regard to toxicity and what nutrition is personally lacking. A good place to start is researching what vitamins and minerals are commonly lacking in large segments of society. It is not hard to find information and studies that show magnesium deficiency is very common, as an example. Once you know this it is on you to learn about the different types of magnesium, how the body uses it, what foods provide it, and so on. Simply taking an active interest in health and nutrition can often make a big difference. It did for me. Unfortunately, there is currently open hostility online, and in the mainstream, directed toward supplements and all things holistic. It has gotten so bad in some places, that those who have valid knowledge to share can no longer speak openly. It may be that in the near future gaining information that differs from allopathy will not be as easy to obtain. And to be clear, it used to be much easier a few short years ago, depending on what country you live in. Over the past 60 years or so allopathy has convinced many of us that our health is somehow the responsibility of the drug based medical system. In fact, it is not. Health is the responsibility of each of us and the loss of this mindset has led to an overweight and very unhealthy population. This is very good news for the allopathic medical and drug system, but not so much for anyone else. Health in my country is at an all time low, and that observation spans over half a century. It is also backed up by the fact that life expectancy in the US has dropped two years in a row. But I suspect anyone who takes the time to read this knows good and well why lifespans are suddenly shorter now.

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