531- The Colorful Trip – for Spirit or for Fun? (Free)

In this part of the world, we call mind altering substances psychedelics. The intention of this label is far from spiritual endeavors, and is attributable to mainstream involvement with drugs like LSD. It is no secret that psychoactive drugs like LSD were used to socially engineer the so-called counter culture which emerged in the early 60s. It is for this reason that the majority usage of said substances in the west is based on getting high. And while there are those who interact with psychoactive substances for spiritual reasons, this is a small minority where I am from. Make no mistake that all of these substances are powerful and should not be taken lightly. We tend to speak of them as if they are all similar but there are marked differences. One major difference is that some are made chemically in a lab, and others appear in nature. And even with this differentiation some stand alone, Iboga being the prime example. It is also clear that both the chemically created and nature grown substances have important uses that have been made illegal and suppressed. From instantly breaking addiction, to end of life treatments, there are a lot of beneficial possibilities on the table. The spiritual uses may well go back beyond historical account. They are the substances created in nature with a long unbroken lineage of how they are prepared, how the user is prepared and how the spiritual experience unfolds. It is my personal position that these substances are not well-suited to those seeking to get high. It is also my point of view that the medical and spiritual applications, of what we call psychedelics, are powerful and waiting for an era where their incredible benefits can be explored openly.

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