536- There Can Only be One and it is Universal (Free)

A long time ago brilliant minds offered us better ways of considering our world and how nature works. And yet, mainstream forces still cling to scientism. The once strict methodology of science has become like a religion that protects its assumptions while preventing meaningful change by blocking scientific method. Still, intangible realities go unrecognized and are dismissed as antiquated ideas, important only to a lunatic fringe. But over and over the intangibles have been shown to exist. I speak of spirit and soul, as examples of proven realities deemed unacceptable in the age of technology. The rise of the computer continues to distance us, and how we think, from the truths found only in nature. Computers, and technology in general, function using a binary foundation based on the idea of on and off which displays facsimiles that we then experience. And while nature provides for on and off, it also includes a third state, the critical “maybe” exists in nature and is unaffected by technology. In this dichotomy our minds must choose between what is represented synthetically, and what is naturally true. Truly the devil exists in the invention of the elevator, because for most of us, the stairs will be forgotten. In the modern era it is hard to consider such a statement as anything more than an anti-mechanical (technology) mindset. Does it mean nothing that all of the platonic solid geometries can be found in the so-called flower of life geometry? Or – is there a good reason why young minds all over the world are not taught what is shown to us in cymatics? To be clear, it shows us how form and matter are created and organized. It shows us that vibration is foundational to comprehending our 3D material world. It shows us that there is a basis and a reason to take the work of people like Walter Russel very seriously. But to do that is to depart from science as it is taught in schools, to include the periodic table, as well as many other untouchable precepts. This would be a bridge too far for the priests of scientism, to be sure. But for the powers that be – the scientism mindset is a boon above all advantages. For here lies the scientifically enforced limitations that will continue to ensure things like free energy stand no chance in the face of metered, billable, controlled energy (and water). This mindset also ensures that science, chemistry and all branches of learning will hit a wall which will not be breached until the truths proved in nature are allowed back into the classroom. The universities will continue to research what is funded, and those who fund will continue to value control and limitation over truth. But alas, the end of the age is at hand, as are the low vibrational, limiting systems we are now leaving behind. Change is now assured, and so is our ability to shape what comes next. What will it be? Free energy? Communication without cell phones? Love and respect for all living things? It’s the end of the age as we know it, and I feel fine.

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