541- The Only True Measure of Time is Extolled by the Skyclock (Free)

The only true time of our realm is measured out and marked above, by the Skyclock. Much effort has been expended to separate our lives from this truth. The reason for this is because separation from truth, or nature, enables untruth to be implemented by those who seek power and control over many. This is also the reason for the mockery of ancient sciences such as astrology. J P Morgan once stated that “Millionaires don’t need astrologers, billionaires do”. This one statement alone should indicate to anyone who is on the fence about the truth of the energies from above, that it is known, and it is real. There is no lie in Nature, and every system we implement to replace natural systems is a step taken away from truth. It is for this reason that everyone should have a basic comprehension of the sun, moon, luminaries and the zodiac constellations, at a minimum. It should be common knowledge that one of the first things that happens when power seeks to control many, the many are separated from truth – or – Nature. In this episode we cover what the Masons teach their members about the ecliptic, sun, moon and zodiac. Chapters 2-3 of the book covered should be common knowledge to anyone who appreciates free thought and the truths found only in Nature. The energy from above is real, and regardless of what any source will tell you, it is easily proven beyond the shadow of doubt. Anyone who knows what seasons are should already comprehend, or that the animal and plant kingdoms unfold their entire existence based on this truth, should be self-evident. The new era is upon us all and it is time to get back to what is true and real. We must recognize that Nature is the highest authority in this regard. The day that the lunar calendar comes back into fashion will be a big step in the right direction, as civil calendars are bereft of truth and seek only control. Even the Vatican needs a lunar calendar to place Easter, which is another proof of what civil calendars are. It is ironic that it is the Vatican who implemented our current calendar, designed only for civil controls, and designed for separation from true time, provided by Nature… or, the Creation. Liars are going to lie, but truth, and the Skyclock are eternal. How long will it be before we begin to look up again, in search of what is true?

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