545- Born Free, the Unusual and Spiritually Grounded Way (Free)

The term “natural birth” has apparently been co-opted by allopathy giving rise to a new term called “freebirth”. In this episode we will cover what this means. A growing number of expectant parents are looking for alternatives to the now ubiquitous hospital birth and all that the allopathic system entails. From the sterile controlling environment, to pre-birth procedures, to the litany of procedures at birth in hospitals, health-conscious parents are beginning to seek a better way to welcome new life into this realm. Once again, we go back to the future to demonstrate the value of older ways that have been shunted aside in the name of science and progress. Maybe we should begin by asking if the Creator, or the Creation has forgotten how to create and usher new life into our world. Of course, this is a silly question, right? Actually, it is not a silly question, and the question/idea stands as a basis for those parents who choose to simply “give birth” as it has been done since the beginning of time, free from the fear narrative that seems to drive most of the billable procedures being forced in hospitals. To be fair, “forced” might not be the right word, but it is very close to correct based on the pressures exerted on those who try to opt out of unwanted medical procedures. Who can forget the recent push for flu shots? Would “forced” be the right word? Maybe not quite, but damn close. Closing the world did not feel like something one could easily opt out of, and this forced feeling has become standard operating procedure at most hospitals now. That “pressured” feeling is experienced in hospitals by many new parents, and it is now being openly questioned, as alternative birthing methods grow in popularity for those seeking a better way. It comes down to whether or not we still have the right to opt out of unwanted medical treatments. It comes down to our right to choose. This is what is slowly being taken away by “policies”, administrators and corporations who care more about control and profit than they do about the rights inherent in all of us. And this is exactly why we have been able to cover so many natural, home and freebirths recently. So, if you have an interest in this topic, we cover the full experience of one young couple here in great detail. Information is power and information is required when making good decisions. Stand by for detailed information in 3,2,1…

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