555- Comprehending the Rights Free Engineering of a New Era (Free)

Do you have rights? In fact, you do… if you claim and protect them. And this is no easy feat, particularly when compared to how easy it is to accept offers that remove or limit the rights you were born with. The rights you were born with are typically referred to as God-given rights. Basically, you are born a beneficiary of this Creation, which is proven by the fact that you have been granted the Divine Spark of Life, Freewill, and the Creation provides all you will ever need to exist freely. There is no coin slot you must pay to benefit from what the sun provides for all of us. That is, unless you accept an offer that changes that fact. You were born a beneficiary of this Creation. Unfortunately, clever minds set out, long ago, to create offers and situations that fool you into giving away your rights. You see, those rights must be given away with your consent. Luckily the American government stated its function in the preamble to the Constitution. It says: “our government exists to “establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” “UN”fortunately (humorless pun intended), what we call government is actually a corporation, and a corporation’s reason for being is as follows: To make profit, and to benefit its shareholders. This last definition was taken as the most popular definition from legal institutions and websites, in regards to what corporations currently do. It should also be noted that the Constitution does not grant rights and is intended to prevent government from taking rights. It says nothing about protection from corporations that look like governments, but maybe that is the reason governments quietly became corporations. Corporations are a curse on modern existence as very nearly everything in this world is owned or controlled by these unelected “bodies” who serve profit and shareholders. With all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise that accepting citizenship is basically trading God-given rights for benefits and services. Taking a step back to consider a world-wide view, we see it is corporations that are seeking to diminish and remove God-given rights. And that is what this episode is about. Who is pulling the strings above all of the corporations that have been given control of everything? Well, it’s a committee of course. What were you expecting, a pyramid with a big eye on top? Or, maybe a lizard wearing a skin suit? Or how about a little grey guy with big black eyes that came from the future? Nope. Just a committee.

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