558- The Rise of Parasites at the Expense of the Many (Free)

Who runs our world? There must be a formal structure and organizations with names – right? In fact, there are. And like any corporate structure there are clear lines of authority. In this episode we delineate the so-called NWO power structure. Truth be told, it might be better to consider the power in this world no differently than you would a corporate structure flow chart, with the CEO at the top, down to rank-and-file workers. In hour 2 we clearly delineate the NWO power structure. The structure we outline differs greatly from how most of us view the world, to include the place that the United States holds. The flow chart will be available to members, and linked in comments for download. It is time to re-think America and its place in the world. The U.S. is being dismantled, and demoted, as we watch. Spoiler Alert – The United States Government resides at the very bottom of the power structure flow chart. Things are not always as they appear to be. So don’t be surprised if the fat lady never sings. It might well be a skinny man, or more likely yet, AI made to look like a fat lady. However it goes down, the world we see playing out now was put in motion over a century ago. Massive changes have already happened, and more are on the way via powerful corporations. Welcome to Earth Incorporated. Please have your authorization to be alive ID ready for scanning.

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