562- The Magic of Vibration & Frequency (Free)

If it exists it vibrates. With this in mind we are now reaching an era where the importance of vibration and frequency will become fundamental to our existence and to our spiritual endeavors. I await the day when the following map is commonly available and known. I am referring to a map that lays out, correctly, all of the cymatic geometries, and their frequencies, on both round and square plates. That is then corresponded with the matching color and musical note that the frequency creates, or is associated with. This, of course, must be proven and shown to be correct. And while there are examples of this information here and there, the information varies widely. In short, the era we are moving into will require such knowledge to become commonplace, in my view. Truely, if it exists, it vibrates. But what vibration creates what existence? Please show me the geometry that associates with the color of a new cherry blossom, and the musical note that correctly corresponds.

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