572- You are what You Eat - Period (Free)

**NOTE TO MEMBERS** I will begin to post new telescopic footage on my website for members over the next week. The first video will cover the sun & eclipse, and what I suspect is true about the sun. Moving forward all of my telescope work will be published under the VIDEO link on the Crrow777Radio website and accessible only to members. I will no longer publish my work on censorship platforms or give away control of my work. Members of will have sole access to my uncensored ideas and footage. Nearly everything we have been told about space, the planets and sun is untrue. How long will the theory of GRAVITY be tolerated, in a world where only LAWS allow for true progress in step with nature?

Current episode description:

With each passing year many minds are moving back to common sense and away from mainstream narratives. From medicine to how we eat, it is all changing rapidly. Even what we feed our pets is being rethought… to the benefit of our animal family members. In this episode we cover the 11 principles of Weston Price. In light of our fallen food and medicine systems it is high-time we rethink the importance of nutrition. After all is said and done nutrition is the number one way to remain healthy and maintain proper brain function. There is a reason that our food and medicine systems have become so unhealthy, and it is time we take back control of what we put in our bodies.

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