575- Socialism is Communism in Slow Motion (Free)

It is no secret that rights and freedoms have been on a steady decline since the new millennium, which was actually 2001, not the year 2000. After the events of 2020 it is also quite clear that there is an active plan to reduce world populations, and then enforce total control over everyone, everywhere. A version of this utopian dream can be witnessed in China where communism and technology have been paired to prove total control can be exerted over entire populations. Ironically, the tech required to enforce this nightmare was given to China in the summer 1997 at a picnic in Silicon Valley, according to the author of the book “Surveillance Capitalism”. With the open onset of AI the perverse dream of iron fisted control over world populations is no longer science fiction. In this episode we discuss socialism which has been described as communism in slow motion, and rightly so. By most accounts the coming bid to take over the world is likely to look like communism powered by technology (and digital money) used to track and enforce controls over millions of lives. Again, versions of this exist in China now. It is mind bending to consider the amount of effort that has been exerted in trying to ensure human beings never wake up and realize who they are, and the vast potential held by each of us. We are all about to witness whether or not human consciousness is ready to fend off corporate tyranny. This is what it means to be alive at the opening of the 21st century which began in 2001 disfigured by a dark incantation. The threat of total market surveillance and digital is money looming. Human consciousness is rising, and we are down to the wire.

**NOTE** The second solar video shot my new Hydrogen Alpha Telescope is now posted under the “video” link. I am also processing the best solar images and video I have captured yet, which will post shortly as SolarVideo#3. All future telescope video will be posted under the “video” link at

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