579- Control, Limitation & 24/7 Tracking – The Age of Electricity (Free)

In this episode we cover the electric car. But in reality, the era of electric everything is at hand. From 15-minute cities, kill switches in cars, and electric money, the writing is on the wall. Electricity will be implemented in systems designed to limit, control and track everyone, every day, every minute, every second. The systems will also provide data collection on everyone and everything, to include money, if it is allowed to happen. No step will be taken, no mile driven, or dollar spent, that is not tracked and controlled. This is the promise of electric systems in the digital era. In 1999 a top tech exec. Informed us that privacy was a thing of the past, and then went on to point out all the cool things we get to use for free. Things like email, and other digital services were then touted. At the time no one believed his statement about privacy, but it was as true then, as it is now… in 1999 you had already become the “product”. The fictional idea of “Big Brother” is no longer fiction, nor are the ideas put forward in the books we were assigned in school. Books like Brave New World, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. As we look back at these so-called fictions, we now realize they are no longer fiction, and there was a reason all children in this country were meant to read them. It now seems that the development of the digital era, powered by electricity, was a known quantity with an intended implementation strategy and goal. Electric cars with unwanted kill switches are just the opening salvo, and pre-conditioning, of a planned era to come where the word freedom, and what it means, is no longer known. The barn wall and memory hole are now digital non-fiction, and powered by electric systems designed for a world-wide and total control.

**NOTE** On 6/6/24 the so-called second sun was again located less than one sun width from the sun we see, and located on the upper left limb. Fighting constant cloud cover and camera settings we managed to capture one screenshot with a cellphone aimed at the monitor screen. Cloud cover then blocked our ability to gain more captures. It appears the other body is closer than it was in 2016. It is also beginning to look like the other body spends a lot of time behind the sun we see. The following day we could not locate the so-called second sun.

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