The Age of Cowardice Faces an Information War

Winters End – March 12, 2020 The Age of Cowardice Faces an Information War “The home of the free and the brave is now neither of those things. It turns out the common cold and an imaginary crown can scare the entire population into submission that then hides as freedom, and rights evaporate into streams (more…)

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I see the Forest and the Trees, a Grand Illusion

Spring – April 24, 2018 “Today, among other things, I saw a cloud and a rock. Understanding that neither has any permanence I recognized the illusion – and therefore the entirety of these appearances.” ~Crow~ I once found myself standing on a perfectly straight road. It looked as though someone had used a ruler’s edge (more…)

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The Construct Zero has no Natural Reality

I see a perfect system … but each day it becomes harder to see for the artificial digital cloud that would obscure visions of natural perfection.

Preface: If you wish to detect fraud you must start by identifying that which is natural and that which is man-made. In this way you may discover a natural system – which is perfect from our point of view.

I know of a place where every occurrence will happen at the precise time required, without fail. Its complexity is staggering and its beauty will take your breath away. There are so many interdependent parts the human mind cannot possibly count or fathom. In this place all things are connected, though this truth has been hidden. In this place the trees are green and the sky is blue—in this place, we have lost our way.

An all-encompassing sickness now stands dominant, ready to infect and destroy our natural world. It has permeated every reach of commerce, trade and existence with precious little excluded. For those places still outside the infection zone, it is likely the overwhelming current will soon sweep them into the epidemic.

The age of digital technology is the source of this sickness, but the human mind is the vehicle that is spreading the disease, fooled by sleight of hand, spell craft and deception. What stands to be lost is that which makes a human being human. Without freedom of speech, expression, thought and movement, humans will become little more than cattle to be herded, bereft of the divine spark that is a birthright.

Consider the mechanisms of our diseased digital age, boiling it down to the foundational 1s and 0s of the binary system that drives it. Binary—on or off; 1 or 0. Is there spell craft hidden in that zero? After all, how can it be that a written one (1) followed by nothing (0) can equal 1+9? In this, there seems to be a hidden truth of deception. My mind struggles to understand what it already knows about the base ten system, and the English language in general, in order to unmask zero.

Nothing, the absence of anything, no part or portion—zero. The truth has been there all along but my frame of reference, school, indoctrination and existence in this system has blinded me. Zero is a fraudulent un-natural concept! It is not possible to have nothing or the absence of anything in a natural material reality! As sure as Madame Currie has been unmasked as a construct encoding Mercury and exposing nuclear weapons as alchemical fraud, I now unmask zero as fraud, spell craft and a non-possibility as useable in any sensible, sane material system based on nature. There is no possibility of the absence of anything in a place that is made of everything! If my logic is correct, the base ten system contains an imposter! An imposter designed to bring spell craft and mental error—sickness—to this world. This is proven by the ancient teaching that mind precedes all, which is also logically provable.

I hold few things as immutable ideas as experience has taught me that what I knew ten years ago is not what I know now, in the same way a tree in the natural, perfect system will change and grow each day. One thing I know for certain is that the mind does in fact precede everything as I have tested this idea and applied logic. I would also mention the pedigree of this idea likely goes back much farther than written history. Having accepted a foundational truth like this is what allows the import and recognition of the non-value of zero in a natural system. Consider a false event that is staged and then passed off by media as real and as having truly occurred. If a mind accepts that falsehood, the reality formed from that acceptance has no basis in reality. Now consider a million minds accepting that same falsehood where a false reality is being shaped by many, many minds. Can you even comprehend where this leads over decades or even centuries? I am here to tell you that the concept of zero or the absence of everything has no sane usage in a perfect natural system. The idea/concept is fantasy in such a system; and therefore, without any basis in reality, it works against perfection in every mind that believes in zero. There is the spell, there is the sickness. Mind precedes all reality, and the zero-based mind is working against a perfect natural system where zero does not exist.

As this tectonic shift settles, we can address the assertion I made some years ago that space is misdescribed and likely some kind of liquid. The unmasking of our fraudulent, fantasy-based idea of zero bolsters this idea as well. We have been told space is emptiness, a vacuum, without contents or the equivalent of the anti-natural idea of zero. Simply asked: is this possible in a perfect natural system? Logically, it is not. You have been convinced that space is a place that does not exist in the natural scheme of things. Either a thing exists or it does not and in a perfect, naturally-based system, things exist.

In numerology, the fraud of zero is further encoded for a clear-headed, naturally based mind to see. In this ancient method, if we count from 1 to 9, that is completion and going to ten is dealt with by adding 1+0 bringing us back to one or starting the cycle over. If we add 5+10 in this method, the outcome is 15 or 1+5 giving us 6. On the other hand, if we add 5+9 we get 14, which requires us to add 1+4, telling us that 5 held its value when added to the completion number, which is 9. Truly, in this ancient system, the number 10 is equal to 1. It is not just that the zero has no value. It has no reality in a natural system, which seems to be remembered in this ancient form of numerology. In some ways we could begin to think about our base ten counting system as an endless loop to nowhere natural. This idea is demonstrated in 911, which is endlessly spoken by countless minds. A normal count would be 1 to 9 for completion, then 10 brings the cycle back to 1. The 911 idea has us stuck in a loop in a broken system. In this construct we count 1 to 9 then skip 10 and go to 11 or 1+1, bringing us back to the broken loop of 2 through 9, skip 10 to 11 (1+1) and back to 2. This is an endless cycle in a broken system. The digital disease is epidemic and a direct attack on our perfect natural world and hence, our minds are the key to this spell craft. Belief is, in fact, the enemy of knowing. Zero is an anti-natural concept designed to mislead that which precedes everything… —>our minds. The concept of zero has no basis in reality.

In closing the next episode (082) of Crrow777Radio will cover the un-natural illusion that is zero. There are so many crossovers to this construct it cannot be covered here. As an example consider the idea of sin that has been used for so long to shame and destabilize human minds. Words have meaning and this words means “lack” or to be without in the original Latin based usage. In essence sin is spiritual zero and is yet another construct to lead human minds into living a life that has no basis in natural reality.

While I understand that systemic thinkers will reject these foundational observations, they are, none the less, logically sound. The only question becomes will you use a man-made system to consider what is said here or recognize the perfect natural system as a basis for reality?

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State of the Union 002 – Signs of the Fall

“I see a nation predominantly unaware of an impending end game perpetrated by those who hide, lie and rule.” ~ Crrow777 ~ Welcome to America – parachutes not included I am writing this article stuck in a hotel room in Amarillo Texas. It seems I have managed to drive into one hell of an ice (more…)

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We’re playing those mind games together

“There is real peace and harmony in this world that is obliterated each day by staged show biz violence- called news.” Crrow777 Pushing the barriers planting seeds If you are one of the multitudes of people who have become aware in the new century, you might think we live in the age of the mind (more…)

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The ugly state of a beautiful nation

“There is no substitute for direct observation on the path to knowing.” ~ Crrow777 ~ Take the long way home Eight thousand plus miles, one month and twenty eight states of filming and observation will serve as the foundation for this article. I have been traveling cross-country since I was young though the last two (more…)

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Is death simply a state of mind?

“It is very clear that we all have free will in this system- and it scares the hell out of the jailer.” Happy birthday to everyone but please do not blow out the candles For those of us who have come to understand something about the system of control we find ourselves in, it is (more…)

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Waking up to the age of deception

“The modern age is built on a foundation of deception – by the numbers. And the looped count will continue until a sufficient number of people understand very basic math, hidden behind a mask of numerology and gematria, which is a window into this broken system.” ~ Crrow777 ~ “There are three classes of people: (more…)

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Hiding the moon in plain sight

“We have yet to understand these three things: the sun, the moon, and the truth but I assure you, there are those who understand these things perfectly.” ~ Crrow777 ~ And why is it that lunatics owe their sanity to the moon? There is a reason. When you go outside and look up at the (more…)

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