The Age of Cowardice Faces an Information War

Winters End – March 12, 2020

The Age of Cowardice Faces an Information War

“The home of the free and the brave is now neither of those things. It turns out the common cold and an imaginary crown can scare the entire population into submission that then hides as freedom and rights evaporate into streams of controlled data.”

(Note to reader – pardon the errors below. My editor is currently hiding from a thing that does not exist)

If I told you that a virus has never been identified as the cause of any disease would you consider it or dismiss it out of hand? Given the possible importance of the idea would you research to know? The news will tell you that Corona is a “novel” thing and then rattle off all the “presumptive” cases in your state. And even though most of us have completed high school I am guessing no one has bothered to look up those two well used words that tell the truth about the imaginary malady timed to cold season… and by the way… setting the stage for a world take over. In other words war, or what war looks like in the digital age. Or maybe it would be better describe as the largest coup d’état in the history of the world. You see information has replaced bombs and bullets, now proven by the fear-porn campaign taking over a country near you.

The reach of the “you might die” information barrage is staggering. But what is more shocking still is the near total absence of adult human beings. They are apparently a thing of the past now but used to stand bravely in the face of fearful odds in order to protect that which they held dear. I know this to be true because I have known adult human beings in my lifetime. I have also seen bravery openly displayed by adults at great risk to themselves in order to protect the well-being of others. I am ashamed to report that in the face of the information war now under way, I see cowardice and conformity, and the absence of grown-ups. As I have stood my ground I have witnessed so few adults that I am wondering if cowardice has eliminated them all leaving in its wake frightened children.

How did we come to this ignoble state? Was it the fluoride, the lines in the sky, the diminished quality of our food and medicine? No. Those things contributed but what likely did the most damage is entertainment, news and information. It is ironic that most of us read Animal Farm, Brave New World and 1984 in school and yet failed to understand what or why we were reading these prescribed blueprints. I am guessing that may become clear later after we stop hiding in our homes praying for a miracle against a threat that exists only in the imagination of fearful minds.

It has been calculated that each day you walk out your door you have a roughly 1% chance of dying. If we accepted as true (which it is not) all death reports of the killer crown flu it would amount to a small percentage of the 1% chance we all take every day. And yet we sit by as all schools, universities, businesses and nearly everything that matters is systematically shut down. Of course, the result of this will be a sever economy collapse at the world level, among other far reaching problems. During this collapse all eyes will be on money, food and resources while the puppet masters pass a flurry of illegal, freedom killing laws, dictates, acts, states of emergency, etc… Puppet master you ask? Oh, they coded their ID into the imaginary plague name.

Since 2002 there has been a litany of supposed plagues threatening humanity. My favorite is EBOLA for the simple fact that it took the time to entertain us all with a non-natural shade of green in nearly every press image and video. It reminds me of the color scheme of a hair-band aptly called Poison from the 80s. I guess it is hard to get Pavlov’s bell to ring in images so the sickly green had to stand in and play that role in the EBOLA information barrage. Here is a short list of the recent imaginary plagues that we were told could kill us and as chance would have it they show up about every 2 years and often pair off with elections and other news events:

SARS – 2004
AVIAN – 2008
SWINE – 2010
MERS – 2012
EBOLA – 2014
ZIKA – 2016
EBOLA – 2018
CORONA – 2020

According to the CDC, it is estimated that 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations, 79,400 deaths in the United Sates and 650,000 deaths worldwide of the regular flu in 2018. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a pandemic with 4,634 deaths worldwide. (Stats Credit to Mel Fabregas at Veritas) The overwhelming evidence attached to this supposed plague should inform everyone the door to tyranny has been opened. The problem is that fearful minds will NOT stand bravely in the face of tyranny to defend those things that matter in this world. Historically adults have been the ones to stand bravely against all odds but there is in fact a world-wide shortage of adults.

I am unafraid and will stand for everyone I can stand for, even those who cower in the face of fearful information. I pledge that I will not bow to fear or tyranny come what may. I am a living man named Crow and I understand the difference between right and wrong, true and false. Long ago I took a vow to stand for the things in this world I know to be right. I hope and pray there are many more like me out there as the hour is no longer late, it is behind us.

The Age of Cowardice Faces an Information War

Date: March 12, 2020

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