Epi002 – Guest Greg Carlwood (THC) – Systems of Control

Date: March 22, 2016

Crow & Carlwood talk about, False media, news hoaxes, false flags, the moon, NASA fraud, the lunar wave, flat earth, Holly wood programming, encoded media, system of control.

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3 Comments so far.

  1. Speedy485 says:

    I don’t see the second hour for this episode. Regardless, great stuff on your podcasts. I’ve been bouncing around episodes, but decided to just start with 1 and work my way through.

    1. Speedy485 says:

      Never mind, man. I found it. You have episode 2 posted twice and on two separate tabs. The one with both ‘hours’ is on the latter.

  2. KYtruthseeker says:

    Check out Mishelle’s updates at https://kenshohomestead.org/