Epi004 – Randy Films Lunar Wave Twice – Seeing Lies Through a Telescope

Date: April 7, 2016

Randy has filmed the lunar wave twice from Houston Texas. We talk about the lunar wave in depth, our shared experiences filming with telescope for thousands of hours and discovering the many lies we have been told about space, planets, sun & moon. We cover chemtrails that cover the setting and rising sun and why this is done, false new and prove the Phuket earth quake did not change the earth in any way.

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2 Comments so far.

  1. Chris Holt says:

    Thank you for your intense time and effort filming and researching what most of us in the world have no means, time, and the mind to do.

    1. Crow says:

      Thank you for supporting this site and free speech. It is getting to be the biggest deal of our time!