Epi006 – James Alfred the encoded world, moon, magic & music

Date: April 19, 2016

Researching subtext & encoding to understand modern media
Space portals, movie encoding, Space as water, prison planet, Babylon, moon child, Parson & NASA magicians, L Ron Hubbard, Crowley, Richard Hoagland, Black magic Satanism at NASA, CERN, Comic books, Firmament or dome or boundary to space, The media system, music, The Beatles, Hoaxed Paul McCartney, Famous rockers, Jimmy Page, encoded music, Death of Pau l McCartney, Rock n Roll Hall of fame induction of Ringo Starr, The 27 club, weaponized music, Beatle mania, Elvis mania, Paganini, 432 Hz vs. 440 Hz tuning, how tune retune your iPod music to 432 Hz, demons in music, Knighted musicians working for the crown, Royalty & music, Is Hatybow a real person?, JFK assassination hoax, Faked Zapruder film, future work at Sage Sigma Unbound Blog, world population never changes much

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2 Comments so far.

  1. Steve Hall says:

    Love your show crow, but I’m an uncertain where the 2nd hour of information is?

    1. Crow says:

      When logged in the full show – 1st & 2nd hour are in the audio file. At about the 1 hour mark the second part will begin.