Epi007 - The man who saw through the veil, raged - and found peace



Tones, sound, weaponized music, destruction tones, 911, perceived reality, false echoes through time, history, dinosaur hoax, effecting false flags attacks, mind is temple, controlling the temple, false flag fails, language encoding, words as magic, intent, black jack, TV programming people, tarot, temperance, what NEWS means, the mind weapon, hand signs, Star Trek, Jewishness, Sandy hook fail, Boston bombing fail, the true effect of explosives, staged violence, sky spirals, CERN, colors, primary colors, sound/color experiments, using color as a weapon, star (fame) deaths, famous death explained, old texts, Cain, Tubalcain, masons, logos, Vatican, sun tracking, Saturn, time, Chronos, sandy, Santa Claus, winter as hell, solstice, cymatics, human learning, flat earth, distance of sun & moon,

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