The music that controlled a generation
Music industry psyop, military industrial complex, CIA, Woodstock, laurel canyon, Monterrey Pop Festival, Charles Manson hoax, hoax murder, planned hippie movement, Frank Zappa, The Byrds, The Beatles, constructed hippie movement, spell craft, public manipulation, mind weapon, OJ Simpson hoax murder, Dennis Wilson, Beach Boys, The reason for hoax events, how the world is governed with hoax news, Nixon, Kent State shooting hoax, rock stars in hoaxes, the connection between Hollywood, the White House & music industry, Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski, Altamont hoax murder, rock star relationship to military industrial complex and royalty, blood lines in entertainment, Ronald Reagan actor President, Jimmy Stewart (General USAF), Jim Morrison’s father who started Vietnam war, The Doors, Vaudeville, Hollywood, LSD, crack cocaine, Watts riot, Joe Walsh, The Pretenders, DEVO, information is king, corporate data control, data mining, predictive data, Max Yasgur real estate law, Sam Yasgur district attorney NY, food manipulation, DNA collection, tainted water (fluoride), pineal gland retardation, social engineering, Aliester Crowley, occult magic & much more

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