Epi011 – Our encoded world, deception by the numbers, numerology & gematria

Date: June 5, 2016

Hoax David Bowie Death, Hoax deaths of famous musicians, learning like a human being, Princes faked death, the space lie, faked shuttle accident, the death system, medical cares relationship to death, 44 the death number, cancer, moon gematria, numerology, the moon death – lunacy – sleep, predicting false flag attacks, lunar influences on life, free masonry, encoded NASA missions, movie space odyssey 2001, Kennedy assassinations, the twilight zone, TV programing, 911 hoax, Star Trek, enterprise (911), the number 33, 911 as the broken system endless loop, Bavarian illuminati, prime numbers, the death system of our world, repeated history played by actors, ruling class living longer than us, hexadecimal counting, base 10 counting, the great awakening, flat earth, the 27 club and their birth dates, solstices, equinoxes, Virginia shooting, periodic table element 33, sun vs son, cause and effect or karma, belief as the enemy of knowing, frequencies, trolling online, lunar wave gematria.

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