Monsters inc. encoding, 911, Muhammad Ali Hoax, Olympics fraud, Babylon, price of fame, deception through entertainment, subconscious programming, the death based system of deception, death,
elite life spans possibly hundreds of years, dying at 74 years, death programming, retrograde medicine of the west, cannabis as medicine. Organic food, biblical life spans, Methuselah, Rothschild, driver’s license fraud, Interstellar movie, GMO, gene splicing seeds and food, Monsanto, Chemtrails, flicker rates, embedding intent into water, food packaging used to embed intention, Kosher food symbols, all food blessed by Rabbi, the awakening, apocalypse meaning, pagan meaning, information control, TV as the ultimate weapon, law of attraction, flat earth, distance of stars sun moon, Christianity, the Vatican, religious programming, worshiping idols, palm Sunday, the perverted calendar, than Vatican tracking and worshiping the sun, St. Andrew, St John, zodiac, tracking the sun, astrology, ISS fraud, astronomical distances lie, science as a religion, questioning gravity, encoding the sun in religion and movies, human vs. animal learning, language, corrupted Vatican, astrological ages, age of Aquarius – Taurus and Pisces, mentality creating reality, black cube, Saturn, time, Chronos, mental prison, false history, repeated history, predictive programming, programmed fear, celebrity genetic selection, royalties, rap music.

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