Epi015 - Masons & fraud & Hoaxes – oh my! (Dallas shooting predicted by date)



Aleister Crowley, brexit, Theosophy, Blavatsky, JPL, Jack Parsons, Beginnings of NASA, Homunculus, moonchild, Pythagorean school of thought, Monad, the Duad, the Triad, works Plato, Aristotle, Greek philosophers, The cube, Space as water, Earth as closed system, Firmament, solstices/equinoxes, color by mass media, Color purple (Prince hoax), Mass shooting hoaxes, Free masons, Weather forecasting, Chemtrails, Olympics, TV & MOVIES, engineered society dependent upon fear, cryptids, Sasquatch, the Mothman, Video games, World population, Life spans of the ruling class, PREDICTING DALLAS HOAX

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