Epi017 - Chemtrails, Poison Skies, Manufactured Weather Droughts, Psychopathic Elite



Chemtrails, aerosol spraying, heavy metals, weather modification, the awakening, predator rulers, parasite elite, lab tests of chemtrail debris, world population, false news, spraying lithium in the sky, spiritual war, good vs evil, ruling class as a different species, effects of emotion, enlightenment, belief, ego traps, elite bloodlines, 1984, JFK, blood sacrifice, the lie of history, Sandy Hook (hoax), artificial weather, rigged sports, Olympics, False Flag, Jewish date 5777, black jack, 21, Cain, predictive election outcomes, Cain & Abel, Tubal Cain, Masons, Hilary Clinton, lesser magic, Talmudic law, Talmud, back to the future, coercion, contracts, elite playbook, encoded movies, psychopath elites, Devine nature, consciousness, GMOs,

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