Medical Cannabis, Illegalization of cannabis, Race conflict, Propaganda, Cocaine fiends, Reefer Madness, Allopathic medicine, Retrograde – backwards medicine, Oil’s influence on Medicine, Traditional medicine, Prohibition, outlawing real treatments, preventing effective cancer cures, alcohol, Cure for cancer, Gerson method, plant juice treatments, flushing the liver, tinctures, hash, false teaching in schools about cannabis, is cow milk damaging, Cancer, Zodiac cancer, engineered cancer, spell craft disease, Bowies cancer death and symbol, black mass cancer, Himalayan salt, malnutrition, making proven cancer cures illegal, lack of diet prescription in medicine, we are what we eat, tainted food, aspartame, fluoride, Pineal gland, spiritual growth, death based system controlling medicine, anti Gerson propaganda from Hollywood, encoded wordplay, the power of intention, imagination, Richard C Hoagland, moon landing propaganda, fake Pluto mission, danger of video games, subliminal messaging in media, the Fascist symbols in congress, the Truman show, e pluribis unum, Greek, Latin, predictive movies, the fall of US auto, gas shortage, Rodney King hoax, rap is social engineering, witnessing against life, false death, false shooting ramp up, Paris hoax, baton rouge hoax, inability to think, damaged brain function, ego, human learning, human discernment, iodine, calcification of the pineal gland by fluoride, organic food, chemtrails, a hidden land mass, secretly adding stuff to food, GMO, Countries that stop GMO, The Internet informing the false events,

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