Epi019 - Telescopes, Fake Shootings, Average People Outing Deception, Big Tree idea in Hour 2



Telescopes, cameras, 4k camera, how to film the sky, global warming hoax, false flag attacks, staged gun violence, false news, how to talk about false news, Baton Rouge hoax, Dallas hoax, great awakening, 100th monkey effect, chemtrails, the next generation, ramping up false news, people waking up, Rodney King Hoax, Straight Outta Compton, transgender hoax, encoded language, Jewish date, 5776, 5777, Mind Weapon, Sandy Hook (hoax), military shooters, human emotion,

No Forests on Flat Earth, Giant Trees, The lack of old trees, distance of the moon, distance of the sun, LA police massacre, effect of guns on people, police carrying assault rifles, marine corps fields of fire, bullet proof vests, police batons, video games, drones, Brian Mullin, Force the line, Flat Earth, sun rotation lie, solar eclipse viewing, you tube searches, Google, libraries, aspartame, organic food, cancer cures, Gerson Method, spell craft, zodiac sign Cancer, David Bowie, sun cancer lie, sun screen heavy metals, iodine,

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