Challenging Our False History

Topics for part one Trolling, Woodstock Fraud, Rocket Launches, Rocket Graveyard, Topics for part two: Member Questions for episode22, People talking without original thought, Hidden communication in publications and media, Masonic encoding, Current Nat Geo all seeing eye, Pluto Fraud, Space as water announced by me others with Picard Hennessey add same week, The encoding of maritime language -law -music -yellow submarine, Belief is the enemy of knowing , How I began to realize space lies observing the moon, How to identify space fraud, The Juno Mission & website, Masonic encoding and word play in NASA missions, Goy Google Doodle for Juno mission, Satellites and why I say they do not exist, Optics expert and Huff Post fiasco with FBI Mufon, How things might work without satellites, The lunar wave, What space is and what we have been told about it, Fraud Rocket launches, Failure to return to moon or space by Bush and SpaceX, Wonderful world of Disney announcing the future of space missions, Possible reasons for lying about space, Our human birth right to know how/when we got to this world.

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