Epi023 - Free Masonry & the Encoding of Religion with Astronomy & the Sun



In this episode I cover free masonry, religion and astronomy to include the zodiac and sun. In part two I show that the Masonic brotherhood has encoded movies, media and nearly all information and entertainment sources of the modern age. Is this true of religion as well? I also out what may be the ultimate secret of Free Masonry known only to the highest members above royal arch degrees to include their encoded passwords.

Free Masons, Masonic Lodge, initiation levels, Masonic beginnings, Devil’s Pulpit book, Reverend Robert Taylor, Elysian mysteries, Dionysian mysteries, ISIS, OSIRIS, Buddhism, Hinduism, initiation levels of masonry, Christian, Jew, Israelite, Hebrew, acceptable year of the lord, sun, equinox, solstice, book of Hebrews, free and accepted masons, royal arch degrees, Abraham, Bacchus, animal sacrifice, hell as winter, zodiac, false celebrity death, encoded calendar, the secret of free masonry, masonic passwords above royal arch, tetragamaton, INRI, archangels, earth – air- fire-water, elements, equator, pagan, Vatican


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