Epi033 – I “See” a “C” which is 33 and mostly hidden from u and me – Dave J returns

Date: November 25, 2016

Decoding an encoded, corrupted reality

Our world is a corrupted system but it is also encoded which is why most of us live in delusion. The world most of us think we live in is nothing more than illusions. We have reached a point in the cycle of time where it is possible to recognize the false system that has been built up around us which means it is possible to break away from the script we call reality. For most of the history we can see, the average person has played little or no role in the events that fill a life time. All the world is a stage – but who will write the script we call life moving forward?

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Encoding, corrupted system, systems of control, false reality, illusions, hoaxes, false news, false media, awakening, the great awakening, sleeping, numerology, gematria, hidden meaning


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