048 – The Saturnian Vatican, Jesuits & the Roots of Western Religion – Bearing Poison Fruits

Date: March 24, 2017

The Vatican and Jesuit Order Run the World

In this episode we examine the roots of western religion and ask if the roots of this tree are poisoned. The Vatican and Jesuit order can be directly tied too much of western life to include religion, law and the corporate straw man identity covered in recent shows. When we see the magi-strate in a court room, we are looking at the Saturnian brotherhood which is directly relatable to the Pope. We can also understand much of western religion came through the Vatican. So are the roots of this tree poison? Do People need an organization or group to pursue spiritual endeavors or is each of already able to spiritually rise on our own?

Pope, Jesuit, Vatican, sun, Saturn, Venus, western religion, Christianity, saints, the path if the sun, astronomy, encoding, 2001, 911, Islam, Judaism, the black cube


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