Summer Solstice 2017

“Oh my friends look to the sun; it encodes so much before the day is done. After dark look to moon & sky knowing well that each of us dies. Are these things we see made by men, consider this often – time and again.” ~Crow~

I am writing this article because so many people lose hope and become overwhelmed by the realities that are now shedding their veils. I am here to tell you there is no reason to despair. We are simply in a time of change and with it… the human mind. Make no mistake – there are people out there determined to enslave the population. But at the end of the day, it is up to us to either opt in or opt out. There is no other option unless we are fooled and all options allude us. This is no time to be fooled. This is no time for fools.

It is my view that in order to understand we must first identify that which is manmade and that which is natural. This, of course, relates to alchemy and as fate would have it so much of the world’s mind games are driven by these very old ideas. So let’s go down to the cross roads but remain standing so that we may face the task at hand on two feet.

Imagine yourself standing at a crossroad or where two through ways cross over one another. X marks the spot and in your mind it should appear something like this – a cross. A decision must be made here. There is no other option. You must turn left or right, go straight or go back in the direction you came. This mental exercise may be one of the most important ideas I can impart to you. If you understand what comes next.

When you are presented with information, both consciously or unconsciously, you have been brought to the crossroad and a decision must be made. But what does this mean? It means that (by its very nature) you have just been informed that information can be a mind trap. You must make a decision about the information and even choosing not to decide is, in fact, a choice. Make the wrong choice and enter further into a fantasy based reality believing in that which is without reality. Make the right choice and move away from an infantile, fantastic reality that has no actual value or reality. Make the right choice and move towards fulfilling what a human being can become and may well once have been.

In my view alchemy was demonized by religion/school and ridiculed as witchcraft for one reason. That reason being that alchemy is in tune with what we call nature and seeks to advance and achieve in step with our natural system. The alternative to a natural system is of course an artificial system which means MADE BY MEN. Unfortunately alchemy can be used in a positive or negative way. Using the crossroads as a mind trap (adding man-made fantasy into a natural system) is a good example of the negative application. What we call news and much of the mainstream information in this world depends on this strategy to pull the world into a fantasy based reality. The end result for so many people is living in a dream world that is built on imagination and belief. This is why belief is the enemy of knowing. Belief is bait hiding a hook that will snag and hold your mind in fantasy, if you allow it to. The question becomes do you want to believe in things or know about them? I could easily make a diaper wearing pun here but it is not really funny considering how many of us find ourselves trapped at the crossroads like diaper wearing babies unable to even consider there is a choice to be made. And this sets aside the overwhelming manipulation of reality that awaits poor decision makers.

So how does one go about making good decisions at the crossroads? With practice, of course. First off never forget belief is the enemy of knowing. Secondly consider all information as false until there is a provable reason not to. Thirdly, challenge all information regardless of source or authority. Above all train your mind to use common sense when faced with a decision. These are not easy things to do at first but over the course of about a year your entire life will change and you will begin to see with new eyes. That is, if you can stick to what seems a simple thing and is not. And by the way, seeing with new eyes is simply a human being gaining human abilities. We were born with the ability to detect fraud but have been trained at the crossroads not to understand this truth. By design I might add.

As we wrap up let’s take a look at a natural system and consider the man-made explanation for it. Let’s head to the crossroads but remain standing tall.

Some years ago I was given a tour of rare orchids at the San Diego Zoo – backstage so to speak. One particular orchid caught my eye as the flowers had two very long trailing tails that reached all the way to the ground many feet below. I was told that these tails were what allowed this orchid to reproduce as a “specific” type of insect was attracted to it and then climbed up one tail and down the other pollinating the orchid along the way. The shape and size of this “specific” insect were made to order. Without this relationship between species the orchid could not exist. Got it?

We are told by science that all species of plant/animal have evolved into what we currently see. So there is the artificial explanation/information. But how can this be? How did the orchid reproduce before evolution created these tails allowing the insect to pollinate? This sets aside the whole evolution of the required insect to be in step with the evolution of the flower and come to form the relationship. We are told evolution requires enormous lengths of time again begging for an explanation of how the orchid reproduced before this evolution and marriage to the insect. How can any of this be valid? Short answer – it cannot be valid as dictated by logic. But we already knew this from the time we were very young. What came first the chicken or the egg?

I cannot tell you how the orchid came to exist in the way we see it today. But I can sure as hell tell you how it did NOT come to exist as we see it today. I can also tell you CERTAINLY that the orchid came to exist in a natural system we call nature which appears to be a perfect system from our point of view. Men do not make perfect systems and unfortunately most of the artificial explanations we have been given seek to keep us all in diapers.

How is it possible that a world exists full of people that do not know how long we have been here, how we got here or what we are supposed to be doing? Logic dictates a very simply answer at this particular crossroads. We have been given artificial explanations of a natural system and very likely with the intent to deceive.

So when you are brought to the crossroads will you fall down on your knees or walk away on two legs?

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Didn’t nobody seem to know me, babe, everybody pass me by…when you choose to walk away on your own two feet be prepared to leave the ones that our left behind still on their knees believing man made lies. thanks Crow!

Blogs or good. More blogs please.
I spent some time on a sacred mountain…watching the seasons change…this solstice. Very interesting to watch the animals respond to the exact moment of the solstice….and to watch the oblivious skiers(yes they are still at it)…..doing what they do….and the plastic shamans and the real ones…doing what they do. Strange time to be alive and aware-ish…………… 😉

Unfortunately all we have is common sense to work with because we know that any information of real value will be kept from us. If its “leaked” information then you know its bad information, nothing gets gets out unintentionally. One thing I came to realize when I was just a child is , that it only takes one generation to fool . If people could come to fully understand that and what it means it would change the way they look at things. Its good to see someone taking time to put this information out for those who wish to see. I also agree we really have no way of knowing for certain what our true history is and just how long this thing has been going on, however, we know what we are told is not true so we must common sense and logic. We do have natural time keepers that we can look to such as trees, but as with everything common sense has to be used because most information you find will take you down the dendrochronology road where you see words like “scientist” and you quickly find yourself reading false information and being swayed down tbe “dark ages” fake history and other nonsense based on a foundation of false information and lies. They also use things like “carbon dating” which is basically a joke and is just a way to reinforce their lies and to and more time like they do everything. Adding more time and more distance to everything to keep people fooled. Anyway if we use real things like trees which keeps time by their rings and cant lie, a lot can be learned

“One thing I came to realize when I was just a child is , that it only takes one generation to fool”. That’s a really great point, and one sadly missed in this age of the all powerful Tell Lie Vision. When I was a little kid in the ’60’s in England it amazed me how my Grandparents and their generation (poor Londoners) were always complaining about the privileged ‘Lords, Earls, Dukes and Barons’ who lived a life of luxury in their palaces – while they were still remembering the days of hardship and ration cards during the war. Yet the second a member of Royalty was visiting the area they all dressed in their Sunday best and decorated the streets so they could all wave little flags as the Royal cars went past. Even at that tender age I could never understand the disconnect there. As you say, well trained fools who were taught by their own parents to ‘mind their manners, remember their place and respect their betters’. The so called ‘elite’ must laugh their butts of when they see us training our own offspring to follow their corrupt and utterly fraudulent system. Best wishes. 🙂

As a 5 year old child, I sat one afternoon on the doorstep of my family home in a suburb of London, England having been instructed to stay put and wait as I refused to go downtown with my parents and baby brother to see the Queen drive by. I waited scared and alone wondering at the absolute quiet. It was like a ghost town. Everyone went to wave their flags. Such excitement. School cancelled for the day. Goodness me.

Hi Crow- Thank you for doing this Great Work! We are also under the SPELL-CASTING system set in place- which also needs examination and being made undone. True alchemy is of a metaphysical nature while physical alchemy merely suggests the potential. The power of intention with super-consciousness is key to breaking free from mind(ment) control(govern) deceptions. There are “laws” regarding our free will and our consent must be obtained, thus that is why waking up to ALL the subtle and not so subtle deceptions is imperative. Those who seek to control thus enslave others are only using Lesser Magick. True magic is knowing oneself and residing in the inner temple. Only then will the true human potential be active and available for actualization. Everything needs something for it to mean anything, thus the realm of duality. We are going through a process of straightening by fire. Burning away the veils of illusion. There is absolutely nothing to fear. In fact fear is what will hold a person back. We are told the truth while at the same led into deception. Looking into words is also important like Tell-a-vision Programming, Channels, Sky-Line, Air-Plane, Sea-Level, ETC…Hoaxes are being staged all day long every day; after all- All the World’s a Stage….until you exit it- opting out (saying “NO”) which is possible before your ultimate physical death. Letting the ego die in every moment with every breath and merging into the source of all- allows the sensation of separateness to dissolve. With love and apologies for being long winded…

Damn well said. Cheers. This comment is every bit as spot on as the words I wrote above. The only difference is I write for the many not the few. The few already know.

I love this comment. Alongside my daily practice of knowing myself inside, in silence, ive come to know ‘more truths’, but thankfully now from a place where nothing can touch me as I give no
power to either story of ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The key, as you say, is knowing our true self, that eternal source being, recognizing that all humanhood is
Nothing more than stories, in which we can participate, but remain unaffected if we choose to ‘opt out’ as crrow rightly states. The best way to opt out is remaining always with a strong attention within, where all knowledge resides. All else outside is information to which one can get attached by ‘believing’ in it, and as said by crrow, the moment one believes, one disconnects from true knowing. Great blog post crrow. Glad I am here. Cheers!

Thank you for sharing all your insight regarding this world full of deceptions and it’s crossroads we all must negotiate.
Just simply pointing out that there are continual crossroads that must be acknowledged is a great way to increase awareness. It’s the metaphorical lightbulb! While I am aware of most topics you and Jason discuss in your podcasts it is still possible to be mislead with unverified information pushed on all of us- Not taking the time to look at all information before choosing the path moving forward can have severe consequences. once on the wrong path it is much more difficult to make sense of upcoming crossroads as the path you come from may be false.
This is why it is so important to question and challenge everything at its most basic level. There more I look into even the simplest of things, the more I realize how little I know. Especially when it comes to etymology.
But I must say the discovery process is priceless.

I’m grateful for the work you and Jason are doing and thank you.

Great stuff crrow I love your way of expressing these things. It is our challenge and it feels right that I am here to meet it! Thanks

Even though the deceivers have us in a Techno-Trance…I am glad to know that there are so many Aware people. Making decisions now has become more interesting…now that I know am not alone at the crossroad!
Thanks again Crrow for sharing your insights!

love the post! I have thought about this for many years, they way I am looking at this I am first breaking down what we are. What we call “Natural” or this world we live in is natural. To me, the earth is natural to the animals, fish and insects, not natural to us whatsoever. If you think about it, we do not have any traits that could let us live and survive in this world without the aide of fire, technology and clothing. my list of things that i ponder between animals and humans.

Our hair does not naturally taper like animal hair does, so we constantly have to cut or maintain our hair.
Our finger nails do not stop growing like animal claws and paws, we have to constantly cut our nails
We have to brush our teeth to maintain a healthy mouth. animals do not have to.
We cannot live in extreme temperatures and conditions. animals are made for different climates but can most of the time live anywhere in the world without the aide of anything.
All types of bacteria and infections from the natural world can kill us very easily.
Our muscle strength and agility is very weak compared most animals.

I could go on and on.. and I also think about how much we are confined to the very small percentage of the world we live in. we could not naturally go very high in the air until we cannot breath anymore, cannot go underground or into the sea and live breathe without technology or other aides. very little spots on the earth can have moderate tempatures and food supply to live totally nude, no fire or technology. might still need fire even then. everything else on the earth live and thrive with just being born and nothing else. So really what the hell are we? and what does natural mean to humans??? I probably didn’t not articulate my thoughts very well.. I first time actually typing them out. thanks crrow, love your research and shows.

Thank you Crow for this wonderful blog. So many comments prior pretty much tells it all. Not much to add for me. Ut all I can day is I have always felt in my gut that we ( the real humans) have only been here on this plane of existance about 3-3-1/2 hundred earth years. Have a great weekend

“do you want to believe in things or know about them/” Sums it all up , and I learned it from you two years ago. To me your essay is perfect , and I have learned to follow all the things you have mentioned , and I would bet most of your followers have as well. The problem is with the people that have no idea what you are saying . I can only hope that one day they will.

That was a great blog crow. ..appreciate the words as I was indeed beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with all that is going on in this system of manipulation and lies that we all know as day to day life. I hope that when the time comes were able to pick our path at the crossroad as it feels like our choice of direction is rail roaded by the flow of the majority who are still asleep and think they made the descision of which direction to go.Im hopeful this awakening will start to grow with pace as we push on down the twisting path,which hopefully won’t end in another crossroads but with a unlocked door,to the truth.

Thanx Crrow, That was very thought provoking as is much of the material on this site. And thanks to all my other “aware” brothers and sisters commenting here as well. I may have even developed an extra neural pathway or two to boot. 🙂 I will consider the crossroad analogy and attempt to apply it as we go and will also attempt to out put more positive thoughts, even toward the twisted ones who have sought to distort us & our very nature in the name of “power”. Much love to u all, Flash

Thank YOU Crrow777 you are a well rounded gifted human being. I value how well you communicate on your podcast as well as om your blog. I have infinite honor and respect for you.

Great article for those that understand. I try to use the KISS system as most people have lost the ability to think logically. Anyways I put this together. It’s simple and to the point.

˙ǝıl ɐ uɐɥʇ ǝɹoɯ ƃuıɥʇou sı ǝnɹʇ ǝq oʇ ǝʌǝılǝq noʎ ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ʇsoɯ ǝɹǝɥʍ plɹoʍ uʍop ǝpısdn uɐ uı ǝʌıl ǝʍ

In Lies We Trust
When truth becomes conspiracy, reality becomes an illusion.
The world as we know it, is an illusion based on lies and deceit.
If the world seems insane, it’s because it is run by insane people.
Good guys finish last, so where do you think all the bad guys are.
Money makes the world go round, so money talks and people can be bought.
Jobs at all cost, cost us all.
So stop going along to get along, because it is wrong and it does cost us all.
They say (the psychopaths) there is a sucker born everyday.
Blind trust will be humanities undoing, so stop be-LIE-ving blindly and question everything.
They lie and we be-LIE-ve, because we trust.
Stop trusting and be-LIE-ving anything that is mainstream. It’s all being manipulated.
To be-LIE-ve is to not know. So start knowing and stop be-LIE-ving. Do your own research.
You may think you are free, but really you are only free to conform.
We were all born into slavery. Freedom is nothing more than an illusion.
Truth is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Knowing the truth will set you free.
Ignorance is not bliss, it is how we are all being used and abused.
People say they love their (grand)children.
Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.
This world is in a sad state of affairs and needs fixing.
We all have free will and you are not powerless.
We can choose to sit idly by, while the world crumbles around us
or we can all grab a cause and get involved.
If we all joined in one cause, we could change the world overnight.
Be the change you want to see.
“It does not take an army to fight evil.
All it takes is for individuals to do one good deed at the time.”
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing”
So if you do nothing, nothing will happen.
Alone we have the power of none, but together we have the power of “ONE”
You can make a difference now by sharing this message.
Deal with reality, before it deals with you.
“I’m trying to free your mind… But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.” — Morpheus.


Hi Crow. Could you not post my previous comment. After posting I realized it could be taken the wrong way. Having no edit option I have no way of changing it. Sorry.. I will repost it the way I meant it to be. Thanks.

Hi, I got a friend who swears to God that Fukushima plant in Japan is poisoning our waters here on the West Coast. I’m going to try to post these pictures but I don’t think I can and that’s a disappointment. I wish everyone could see this glowing crab for themselves. I got the pictures but after seeing with my own eyes just think the poor thing is diseased by either pollution or something natural. Going to posted on jungle surfer on YouTube. Thanks for all the great comments.

Really enjoyed this and I didn’t even notice it was here until a few days in. It reads very natural and to me is obvious that it comes from a place of knowing a lot of natural ideas; very well done man.

As an aside, not sure why I selectively remember certain things but I always remember alchemy as being this very taboo idea that we shouldn’t even be allowed to think about. Now, it is utterly fascinating to see the encoding that was always there in plain sight. Thing is once you really get into these ideas, what I keep running into is this thought, and it’s fairly new because it took years of learning, and it is – I feel, often I know, as though I cannot be fooled or deceived at this point. Often times it rings as a really strong, almost supernatural feeling, for lack of better word, but it applies to absolutely everything I run into. Sure, you could intentionally create a lie out of thin air and force it on me and I’d be none the wiser, but on a broader level of simple living, this idea just keeps popping up more and more. Everything I run into I instinctively and immediately see through it and there is a crossroad itself of true or false, black or white, in other words. This took years of shielding the mind, self training of the mind, body, and soul, in my opinion, and I am still learning. Anyway again, great work. CHEERS.

Jeff Smith I feel I can relate to what you are speaking about — I have similiar happenings, thinkings with lots of overlapping of people and events, it may just be ‘the knowing’ or ring of truth others speak of

The comments following this blog have been AMAZING, I am honored and humbled to “share the same space” with such competent minds. I always look forward to the ideas put forward here. Original and meaningful thought is such a welcomed break from the repeating parrots and mimicking monkeys that seem to surround me all day…everyday.

Is the word you are looking for ‘Penace’ in Catholism ? The price to pay, in various forms (ie., 10 Hail Mary’s, good deeds for those who need help, etc..) for a reduction of punishment of our ‘sins’ given by the ‘priest’ after confession.

… And when all-knowing manifested itself into the truth, there could be no more truth. From then on, it was self absorbed until it could no longer carry the weight of itself. The truth exploded once again into the lies that will be rearranged once again. Surely the illusion would feed the beast that bears it’s light.

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