I went down to the Crossroads and left walking

Summer Solstice 2017

“Oh my friends look to the sun; it encodes so much before the day is done. After dark look to moon & sky knowing well that each of us dies. Are these things we see made by men, consider this often – time and again.” ~Crow~

I am writing this article because so many people lose hope and become overwhelmed by the realities that are now shedding their veils. I am here to tell you there is no reason to despair. We are simply in a time of change and with it… the human mind. Make no mistake – there are people out there determined to enslave the population. But at the end of the day, it is up to us to either opt in or opt out. There is no other option unless we are fooled and all options allude us. This is no time to be fooled. This is no time for fools.

It is my view that in order to understand we must first identify that which is manmade and that which is natural. This, of course, relates to alchemy and as fate would have it so much of the world’s mind games are driven by these very old ideas. So let’s go down to the cross roads but remain standing so that we may face the task at hand on two feet.

Imagine yourself standing at a crossroad or where two through ways cross over one another. X marks the spot and in your mind it should appear something like this – a cross. A decision must be made here. There is no other option. You must turn left or right, go straight or go back in the direction you came. This mental exercise may be one of the most important ideas I can impart to you. If you understand what comes next.

When you are presented with information, both consciously or unconsciously, you have been brought to the crossroad and a decision must be made. But what does this mean? It means that (by its very nature) you have just been informed that information can be a mind trap. You must make a decision about the information and even choosing not to decide is, in fact, a choice. Make the wrong choice and enter further into a fantasy based reality believing in that which is without reality. Make the right choice and move away from an infantile, fantastic reality that has no actual value or reality. Make the right choice and move towards fulfilling what a human being can become and may well once have been.

In my view alchemy was demonized by religion/school and ridiculed as witchcraft for one reason. That reason being that alchemy is in tune with what we call nature and seeks to advance and achieve in step with our natural system. The alternative to a natural system is of course an artificial system which means MADE BY MEN. Unfortunately alchemy can be used in a positive or negative way. Using the crossroads as a mind trap (adding man-made fantasy into a natural system) is a good example of the negative application. What we call news and much of the mainstream information in this world depends on this strategy to pull the world into a fantasy based reality. The end result for so many people is living in a dream world that is built on imagination and belief. This is why belief is the enemy of knowing. Belief is bait hiding a hook that will snag and hold your mind in fantasy, if you allow it to. The question becomes do you want to believe in things or know about them? I could easily make a diaper wearing pun here but it is not really funny considering how many of us find ourselves trapped at the crossroads like diaper wearing babies unable to even consider there is a choice to be made. And this sets aside the overwhelming manipulation of reality that awaits poor decision makers.

So how does one go about making good decisions at the crossroads? With practice, of course. First off never forget belief is the enemy of knowing. Secondly consider all information as false until there is a provable reason not to. Thirdly, challenge all information regardless of source or authority. Above all train your mind to use common sense when faced with a decision. These are not easy things to do at first but over the course of about a year your entire life will change and you will begin to see with new eyes. That is, if you can stick to what seems a simple thing and is not. And by the way, seeing with new eyes is simply a human being gaining human abilities. We were born with the ability to detect fraud but have been trained at the crossroads not to understand this truth. By design I might add.

As we wrap up let’s take a look at a natural system and consider the man-made explanation for it. Let’s head to the crossroads but remain standing tall.

Some years ago I was given a tour of rare orchids at the San Diego Zoo – backstage so to speak. One particular orchid caught my eye as the flowers had two very long trailing tails that reached all the way to the ground many feet below. I was told that these tails were what allowed this orchid to reproduce as a “specific” type of insect was attracted to it and then climbed up one tail and down the other pollinating the orchid along the way. The shape and size of this “specific” insect were made to order. Without this relationship between species the orchid could not exist. Got it?

We are told by science that all species of plant/animal have evolved into what we currently see. So there is the artificial explanation/information. But how can this be? How did the orchid reproduce before evolution created these tails allowing the insect to pollinate? This sets aside the whole evolution of the required insect to be in step with the evolution of the flower and come to form the relationship. We are told evolution requires enormous lengths of time again begging for an explanation of how the orchid reproduced before this evolution and marriage to the insect. How can any of this be valid? Short answer – it cannot be valid as dictated by logic. But we already knew this from the time we were very young. What came first the chicken or the egg?

I cannot tell you how the orchid came to exist in the way we see it today. But I can sure as hell tell you how it did NOT come to exist as we see it today. I can also tell you CERTAINLY that the orchid came to exist in a natural system we call nature which appears to be a perfect system from our point of view. Men do not make perfect systems and unfortunately most of the artificial explanations we have been given seek to keep us all in diapers.

How is it possible that a world exists full of people that do not know how long we have been here, how we got here or what we are supposed to be doing? Logic dictates a very simply answer at this particular crossroads. We have been given artificial explanations of a natural system and very likely with the intent to deceive.

So when you are brought to the crossroads will you fall down on your knees or walk away on two legs?

I went down to the Crossroads and left walking

Date: June 23, 2017

Summer Solstice 2017 “Oh my friends look to the sun; it encodes so much before the day is done. After dark look to moon & sky knowing well that each of us dies. Are these things we see made by men, consider this often – time and again.” ~Crow~ I am writing this article because […]