Winters End – March 12, 2020

The Age of Cowardice Faces an Information War

“The home of the free and the brave is now neither of those things. It turns out the common cold and an imaginary crown can scare the entire population into submission that then hides as freedom and rights evaporate into streams of controlled data.”

(Note to reader – pardon the errors below. My editor is currently hiding from a thing that does not exist)

If I told you that a virus has never been identified as the cause of any disease would you consider it or dismiss it out of hand? Given the possible importance of the idea would you research to know? The news will tell you that Corona is a “novel” thing and then rattle off all the “presumptive” cases in your state. And even though most of us have completed high school I am guessing no one has bothered to look up those two well used words that tell the truth about the imaginary malady timed to cold season… and by the way… setting the stage for a world take over. In other words war, or what war looks like in the digital age. Or maybe it would be better describe as the largest coup d’état in the history of the world. You see information has replaced bombs and bullets, now proven by the fear-porn campaign taking over a country near you.

The reach of the “you might die” information barrage is staggering. But what is more shocking still is the near total absence of adult human beings. They are apparently a thing of the past now but used to stand bravely in the face of fearful odds in order to protect that which they held dear. I know this to be true because I have known adult human beings in my lifetime. I have also seen bravery openly displayed by adults at great risk to themselves in order to protect the well-being of others. I am ashamed to report that in the face of the information war now under way, I see cowardice and conformity, and the absence of grown-ups. As I have stood my ground I have witnessed so few adults that I am wondering if cowardice has eliminated them all leaving in its wake frightened children.

How did we come to this ignoble state? Was it the fluoride, the lines in the sky, the diminished quality of our food and medicine? No. Those things contributed but what likely did the most damage is entertainment, news and information. It is ironic that most of us read Animal Farm, Brave New World and 1984 in school and yet failed to understand what or why we were reading these prescribed blueprints. I am guessing that may become clear later after we stop hiding in our homes praying for a miracle against a threat that exists only in the imagination of fearful minds.

It has been calculated that each day you walk out your door you have a roughly 1% chance of dying. If we accepted as true (which it is not) all death reports of the killer crown flu it would amount to a small percentage of the 1% chance we all take every day. And yet we sit by as all schools, universities, businesses and nearly everything that matters is systematically shut down. Of course, the result of this will be a sever economy collapse at the world level, among other far reaching problems. During this collapse all eyes will be on money, food and resources while the puppet masters pass a flurry of illegal, freedom killing laws, dictates, acts, states of emergency, etc… Puppet master you ask? Oh, they coded their ID into the imaginary plague name.

Since 2002 there has been a litany of supposed plagues threatening humanity. My favorite is EBOLA for the simple fact that it took the time to entertain us all with a non-natural shade of green in nearly every press image and video. It reminds me of the color scheme of a hair-band aptly called Poison from the 80s. I guess it is hard to get Pavlov’s bell to ring in images so the sickly green had to stand in and play that role in the EBOLA information barrage. Here is a short list of the recent imaginary plagues that we were told could kill us and as chance would have it they show up about every 2 years and often pair off with elections and other news events:

SARS – 2004
AVIAN – 2008
SWINE – 2010
MERS – 2012
EBOLA – 2014
ZIKA – 2016
EBOLA – 2018
CORONA – 2020

According to the CDC, it is estimated that 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations, 79,400 deaths in the United Sates and 650,000 deaths worldwide of the regular flu in 2018. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a pandemic with 4,634 deaths worldwide. (Stats Credit to Mel Fabregas at Veritas) The overwhelming evidence attached to this supposed plague should inform everyone the door to tyranny has been opened. The problem is that fearful minds will NOT stand bravely in the face of tyranny to defend those things that matter in this world. Historically adults have been the ones to stand bravely against all odds but there is in fact a world-wide shortage of adults.

I am unafraid and will stand for everyone I can stand for, even those who cower in the face of fearful information. I pledge that I will not bow to fear or tyranny come what may. I am a living man named Crow and I understand the difference between right and wrong, true and false. Long ago I took a vow to stand for the things in this world I know to be right. I hope and pray there are many more like me out there as the hour is no longer late, it is behind us.

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I am an adult living woman, my name is Gillian, and I stand with you both.

Probably the best tact we can take in exposing this lie are the discrepancies in their own numbers regarding this so called plague. Imagine, an infectious disease that was visibly harming the community around us.. would these Draconian measures be the appropriate response even then?! I say no. Everyone seems to have lost what remained, after computer games and comic books, of their damn minds. The adults have joined common sense in fleeing the scene. xGx

Amid the sea of confusion, there is a light that gently guides those seeking answers and Crow I am eternally grateful to have been led to yours. And yes I am doing some cutting and pasting of your words as an aid to ram home points I’m trying to make with SO MANY unbelievers. Shalom my brother.

Hi crow
First time writer.
I am a first gen greek living in mtl,que.
Under lockdown curfew and crazy ass tickets….i am 100%with you.
If you know of anyone else in my neck of the woods who i can contact so that i can help against this crazy covid fight….I’d appreciate it.

Count me in .
Neither my partner , kids , my parents or I have entertained any of this lunacy. We have none of us worn the veil and I immediately removed the schools power of attorney for medical interventions at the outset of this sham scamdemic.
I a man and my family stand resolute beside all who strive for the rights our forefathers died to protect and justice for all who deserve it . United we stand, thanks for all your efforts and endeavours…. God bless you all

I already have taken my stand and will continue to do so. First off, what’s up guys!? Well apparently the fear level and bull. My name shown is my name given, and I served 8 years Marine Corps 3521 Sgt. from 2007-2015. I served under the assumption as a third generation Puerto Rican I can help establish a tradition in this country that my grandfather came to in the 40s. My Dad also served Army (I know, I one upped him big time). I’m here with you guys. I’m a janitor at a school and I’ve boldly stated to teachers, the principle, and others this is complete bs. We all know! This is a very controlled thing as we all know. This narrative is being forced. My fiancé is a nurse. She suffers from asthma and allergies to just about every animal on the planet. She admitted herself to urgent care yesterday as was diagnosed with the flu!!! What a missed opportunity right? The symptoms can be easily interchanged with the Co-wrong-o virus. So why not have her as an example? Well they must know I’m her man! Anyways sorry for the rant. I’m standing strong ready to fight for the very freedoms I held so dear when I signed away my life on the dotted line back in 07. Thank you for the amazing content. God has granted us authority over this all so I send out my best to help strengthen our brothers and sisters.

I’ve been a light in the darkness since 2013. I stand with all brave men and women, with no fear. Thank you crow, thank you all, who have chosen this righteous path. It is truly those with knowledge they fear and control those without it.

All I can think is we all deserve the madness! There is no truth in normalcy , we as a people world wide embraced lies since we were opening our first gift from Santa.I stand with you crow but kinda hunched over with fatigue. May God bless us all, we are going to need it.

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”

I feel compelled to quote the whole thing here. Where I am, I feel utterly alone in what I see. I don’t know what I can do – or what I will do – but I know where my heart is. I stand with you Crow, and all here.

There’s at least two sovereign adults who stand with you in the State of Maine who have no fear!

It is (interesting?) to watch the response of the general public react to what amounts to “the fear of death”, the common denominator of all fear.

Where were the adults when an opioid pandemic ravages the earth, when “cures” for cancer strip life from our families and loved ones, and where were the adults when war murdered our children?

What an amazing time to be alive, when we have the opportunity to stand for the one thing that matters most, Truth!

I will not cower in fear when my time comes to pass, tomorrow or 30 years from tomorrow.

What I am seeing here are people trying to become victims. In a society within America, we have the government and media who will protect us all. I call poppy cock! We are beginning to see that we have mass hysteria going on all over freakin toilet paper. It’s over something that’s not even a life or death issue? I am now hearing adult cry babies hollering at work because they won’t let them stay home and lock themselves up in quarantine. Companies, such as the auto maker industry that I work in don’t care about you, all they care about is that bottom line. I am an adult who can think for themselves, I do have some common sense to research all this nonsense and let people know that this is all a front to cover up what’s going on. If they can get us to buy into mass hysteria over this buying up all the toilet paper, they are one step away from taking over all control. Guess why? Because we are victims they want us to believe we are weak, cowards, and can’t think for ourselves. I stand with you Crrow.


I’m a vet working at the Long Beach VA. I can not believe the level of stupid that has prevailed since Monday. They have closed every entrance and exit door into the hospital with the exception of the main one out front. This entrance now has a temporary ‘event tent’ where one is greeted by staff who ask a series of benign health questions, and depending on your answers you receive either a red or green sticker and entry/no entry into the place. Today it was a more permanent orange wrist band that was to be visible at all times to the VA police who walked the halls and made constant checks to make sure their police taped doors and passageways were still secure. I was informed today that busting through and using any police tapped door, would be considered as challenging VA authority and grounds for termination. Of course, that was the first thing I did when I got there Monday. I am right up in the grill of these assholes every time I enter and I yell shit at them when I leave. I tell them nobody believes this crap and that they should google (yeah I know) Event 201 global pandemic. I’m so frustrated with this bullshit. I swear it almost makes a person want to go postal. I want to put together some sort of rebuttal pamphlet to this garbage and leave them throughout the hospital.

Crrow777radio and Jason , I thank u for your vetted guests who have resources I could never have access to let alone have time to review. Your team there has dedicated time and resources and laid these out in a common sense manner. For my journey of opening up to a ‘natural reality’ this area has been a much needed safe zone to which I am able to decipher meanings and possibilities I would have thought unthinkable before my journey. One possibility is the energetic fields we all live in being possibly manipulated by the towers for the internet of things. Since the transmitters and receiver towers are being put up in record time for the 5g rollout, I am deducing that those are key factors in manipulation of minds. Since the waves are condensed I feel it is likely this Corona idea is being energetically transmitted faster and more controlled at a certain frequency. Military technology runs these trasmitters and they have the technology to physically alter a humans physiology. I feel with truths of the natural reality being unveiled here we as a group can positively ‘affect’ those who are tired of the nonsense. Practical applications would include positive future projection meditations and also meditation to raise vibrational frequencies in our own bodies. From the movie what the bleep do we know….’if thoughts can do that to water, what are thoughts doing to us’ not quite exact, but you understand.
I feel this is definitely a test, a dry run test of how many minds are controllable , how much data can be collected from phones to the grocery store shopping cards. With this info they would know the ‘group think mindset’ how they shop in crisis , info on those wanting to prep or gather in groups, etc.
I say let them come. Me and my family where taught to question everything and also have integrity. Let them come. Because of your channel, I have started to become desensitized by their ways. What always survives is nature and those who live by natural law. Let them come, I will have a Corona with lime waiting for them.
Thanks guys and gals!

We live in a time where you no longer go to the crossroads. The crossroads now come to you. Each of us – regardless of awareness or intellect- now have an important decision to make. Crow, thank you for this post.

Cheers – who knows maybe our lack of information control is masking that there are many adults out there and we just cannot see them. I hope so!

Standing with you all… People are losing their damn minds. I am & always will be a voice of calm & reason to all I meet. Thank you ever so much for all you do Crow.

Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”
A quote from 1Kings 19:18.
This was information passed on to Elijah, who believed that he was “alone” in standing against the “dark” rulers of his day. It was intended to give comfort, as at that time Elijah just wanted to be alone to die.

Love this, Crrow! I aim to be an adult woman. As a mother and teacher, I’ve been trying to halt the trauma programming of our youth. I feel myself once in awhile giving into the fear but I fight it. Thank you for everything !

I stand with you Crow.

You are on the right track with trying to understand the dream world by the way. It is the gateway to the other realms. If you would like to see for yourself become lucid and ask to speak to the Dream Creator. Only do not seek them outside of yourself look into your own heart. They are the bestower of the ‘universal rights” you speak of that the elites dare not violate.

If you decide to see for yourself and have questions let me know.


Thank you Crrow & Jason for episode 203.5.1 – the last three episodes have been much needed with Dr. Kaufman. I have been doing my best to turn as many people on to these and reference them daily as of late amidst this insane closing of the world! all of your research and info truly is helpful and I most definitely stand with you.

Out here in AZ.. absolutely no virus case reports.. but still all events being cancelled.. even small ones.. and people have a weird religious ferver about not touching, antiseptic, and so-called “protecting the most susceptible”… Way insane! … I am over 60.. but no protection necessary! I stand with you in truth and courage..

My mind has been blown by the emotional and irrational action that people are taking. Where are the real leaders who can think critically and stand for what is right? People in the general public are reacting with only the emotional part of their brain and logic isn’t even being considered here.

I’m appalled and embarrassed that people are being manipulated so easily. The fear is so great, yet only 50 people have died presumptively from this virus in 3 months here in the U.S.
In the U.S. approximately 233,000 people die every month and out of that 233,000 coronavirus is taking about 16 of those lives, so let’s shut down life as we know it!! Seriously??
They pushed the masses really far this time with very little to be worried about. How far will the masses go when there really is something to be worried about? I’d say this dry run, this training exercise, was an overwhelming success for those pushing this narrative. The sheep are trained well.

I’m not fooled, I’m not afraid and I’m willing to stand and share with others that will hear the foolishness this all represents.

Isn’t it a breath of fresh non CoVid contaminated air brothers and sisters to see so many stand together as adults against would be tyranny and total control???? Now, let’s lead by example; stay calm and positive, spread helpful information, gently point out urban myth and media falsehood when we see it, and be kind to all human beings right now.. they are under mind control, they are frightened, they need us.

You have your club of adults Crrow my friend! Only one comment before my own pledge earlier today and now? Look at the forum!! We are gathered here and no contagen can prevent that!! ? xGx

I’ve just listened to episode 203.5.1 and wanted to thank you, Crrow, Jason and Rose, for all the hard work you put into informing humanity of what is really going on in their world. I’m in the UK and can attest to the fact that the mass media cartel is in full propaganda mode over here. In fact I received a text, literally a couple of minuets ago from my doctor’s surgery. It read “The national advice for Covid-19 is NOT to enter the surgery with symptoms such as fever, cough or breathing difficulties etc etc…” I stopped watching television programming ten years or more ago, newspapers even longer but I do look at the headlines every now and then just to see what non-sense they are pushing out to the masses. I am an adult with an adult mind and I stand with you guys. I have four children, who are all adults now, and grandchildren. I tell them what I know so they can use their adult minds too and not to be taken in by the lies that are constantly fed to us.
I just wanted to add my voice and join with others to let you know how many of us are out there.

Well said, intelligent and on point as per the usual I’ve come to expect from this podcast. I’m going to do my part in helping get the word out and take back that which they think they can take from us.

I live in nyc and work at a coffee shop. Most people are afraid. But, on the bright side, I serve customers on a regular basis who are not afraid. While everyone believes in the reality of the virus, many think there’s a gross overreaction happening here. Last night I went to a bar that was still open, it was busy and most people were being light hearted about the whole situation. And same at the laundromat. I’ve gone to one of my friends band’s shows since the panic started and the vibe was pretty normal there too. I’m just happy to see people going out in public, that some of us are still living our lives.

But wow, the grocery stores! Day in and out, hundreds at a time packed in like sardines. I’ve gone twice, and no one is coughing or sick or anything. For that matter, no one in the streets is either. And yet nobody seems to notice and keeps with the panic.

I don’t give a rip even if the virus was real. Honestly, the real fear is sometimes feeling like the only adult. Standing for what’s right despite this awkward feeling, seems to me, to be growing up. I just try to lessen the fear of anyone I speak with. There is a better future and I’m trying to see it now. Thanks for everything Crow. Glad to see all the responses, there’s a lot of us here, there must be more out there.

Standing with all who know the truth. The reason the truth MAKES you free, not sets is because if you’re set free, you can return to your cage but once you have the truth, it sets you apart and destroys the cage. You can not go back.

Thank you Jason . Thank you Crow. To hear voices of reason at this time is precisely what the doctor ordered . Your work is very much appreciated.

Crrow, I and my wife, adults, stand with you and other like-minded humans. Side by side without fear of Tyranny from the “Puppet Masters” sincerely, JB CALI

The idea that this is only happening out there, and doesn’t align with your real world experience (for example, the phrase “I keep hearing about COVID-19 but I don’t know anyone who has it, do you?”) and therefore it must be BS was all good with me…right up until last Friday. I work for a graduate school for a major university on the East Coast of the US, and last Friday, we got notified that three of our students have contracted COVID-19 while traveling overseas, and that they were traveling with a bigger group of students who are supposedly now quarantining themselves locally. I’ve worked at this place for like, nine years, and do not get the feeling they’re just releasing propaganda to scare everyone. What am I supposed to think now that it’s affecting my actual life?

It has never been isolated, nor purified. The regular yearly flu has just disappeared, amazing, right? They replaced it with a newly rebranded title, clever, right? “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot full all the people all the time.” Check out 5G when you have the time, too, all ties together to make the population sick.

I stand tall and proud with you Crow. I am so grateful for your words on your podcasts and your blog. I have been logging on more this week to keep my own sanity. So grateful more than I can express, for this group of adults, thank you for everyone being here and supporting one another, lifting each one of us up higher. I am appalled by what is taking place, and struggling to wake up everyone around me. I just keep speaking my truth and using common sense and critical thinking. I do not consent to any of this bullshit!! I will not consent to tests or vaccines! My body, my rights!! Grateful to have a few friends out here in the woods who are awake and are not consenting to the fearporn. We will band together if needed, will see what happens. Stay positive everyone, get lots of sunshine (when it’s out), laughter is medicine <3<3

Thanks, Crow! You confirm what I’ve felt about all of this. Well, it’s a beautiful day where I live, the sun is shining and I’m about to head out to my local natural foods store – – not to stock up on toilet paper – – but to get some yummy veggies and things and enjoy our beautiful day. Blessings to all of my fellow warriors. :o)

As a group of adult-minded men and women, what’s our best aggregate knowledge for protecting ourselves against 5G? I believe the primary agenda item being carried out (thus justifying the closing of restaurants and encouraging us to stay home) is the completion of implementation of 5G. That seems to make sense. Business as usual in a few weeks, but 5G will be fully implemented. I have no evidence of this, but it seems to make sense.

” A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” a quote attributed to the Dalai Lama. I stand with you Crrow. Much love from and positive vibrations from southern California.

I am a doctor in Northern Ireland. Everyone here has gone mad. Today will be St Patrick’s Day- we are begged not to go out and celebrate. I work in a sexual health clinic.- we are phoning patients and sending treatments to them by post. I truly think I would also have gone mad if it wasn’t for this website.

I’m standing with you crow, I work at a hospital in Nebraska. Thanks to the truths in your podcast, I was able to confidently stand up to the doctors and share a different story then MSM. Thanks to your efforts, a 27 year old God fearing, family loving, truth seeking, American man, can stand up to doctors and other intellectuals in my world! When armed with truth, even the simple become wise. Thanks Crow and Jason! Praying for both of you, God Bless!

Such important information, Crow, and I applaud everyone who is aware, and especially those in the thick of things (like Jon Rossie and Caroline Hunter, above). I am ready to act (and have, for example, going off-grid when our electricity provider cut off our power when we refused a smart meter). Would you do a show on what we, as individuals can do, how we can combine our efforts to good effect without one leader?

Just conducting ourselves like adults I would say. There are not many options in a world where everything is owned by the same group other than standing for what is right and honest.

You are right not all but there are studies that show a certain group tend very high. But to be fair where did the data come from. At the very least Bernays was no dim wit or his uncle – or his wife. For whatever that is worth.

The ones doing this lock down, believe in Satan and have many followers who believe that in order for them to build a utopia they must murder an entire group of people they disagree with, namely Christians. 1611 KJV
Prouerbs 26:26 Whose hatred is couered by deceit, his wickednesse shall be shewed before the whole congregation. Whoso diggeth a pit, shall fall therein : and he that rolleth a stone, it will returne vpon him.
Rev. 9:2 And there opened the bottomelesse pit, and there arose a smoke out of the pit, and the smoke of a great fornace, and the sunne and the ayre were darkened, by reason of the smoke of the pit.
And there came out of the smoke locusts vpon the earth, and vnto them was giuen power, as the Scorpions of the earth haue power. and it was commaunded them that they should not hurt the grasse of the earth, neither any greene thing, neither any tree: but only those men which haue not the seale of God in their foreheads. And to them it was giuen that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented fiue moneths, and their torment was as the torment of a Scorpion, when he striketh a man.

I will never comply with terrorists. When I found out about the truth about 9/11 ten years ago I never filed another “income” tax return again, because I do not fund terrorism. I do what I want to do, not what mass murderers tell me I should do. And I’ll never do what I don’t want to do. My world changed completely with 9/11 truth. Now I have more knowledge (not beliefs) about how this world operates, and like many here, there is just something inside me that will not abide by or ignore this oligarchical dictatorship that has been exposing itself for many decades now. Real adults think for themselves and care about humanity, and will never bow down to evil.

I’m a sovereign adult woman and I stand with you Crrow. We can do something to make this better. Leading by truth is what everyone needs no matter how hard it is to take. I’ve always taken the time to do my own research and find out the truth. My mind (box) has been open for some time now and im not about to close it or give into tyranny BS. I’m a spiritual being having a physical experience and whatever the next level is Im ready. Thank you for being here! Much love and peace to all.

I just had a conversation with my cousin about this type of thing last night.

I was reading through some random YouTube comments and saw a comment that contradicted my original belief.

It was about Louis and Clark using air rifles when they “discovered America”, all the comments bashed him and I decided to dig into it further. Turns out, we don’t know jack about anything!

People weren’t running around killing eachother with muzzle loaders back then, in fact there is much evidence that not only did they use air rifles, but their technologies were much better than the stuff you can buy in a store today.

Not only are they practically silent (compared to their powder cousins) but the ammo was much cheaper, easier to come buy, and capable of firing ammo (as large as 0.51 caliber) 125 yards, and 30 different shots without re-pumping their air canisters.

I am amazed how much information I have learned just from these type of “random” occurrances. But I never would have discovered them if I didn’t question what I thought I knew.

Here’s an “official” reference to the air rifle I’m describing.

Thanks for opening my eyes on so many things, including the irrefutable evidence that disease is not transferred magically from someone sneezing on you.

I’ve listened to probably 90% of your episodes, and I’m doing my best to wake up people in my life and within my reach.

First time caller….. long time listener,….first of all i want to say thank you for all you are as a human and Jason as well……you two are liken to a oasis of truths in a desert of absurdity. Your last episode 228, blew my mind a bit ……not a easy thing to do so kudos…….as i was listening to you wrap things up towards the end, you made reference to Saturn/Time being tied to the fall or alchemy adam…..etc. Im sure you are aware of the atomic clocks and the elevation factor in the speed of time. Just food for thought……..great episode by the way…….always a leading edge on new information. I for one , am more awake and informed because of your dedication to truth and am forever in your debt, you have more of a impact than you think!!!!!!

Remember the Toronto SARS concert? I worked security there. Strange event to have during a so-called pandemic. I’ve never seen such a large crowd packed so close together in my life.

“you might die”
Taking this as a TONE/SOund and or Emotional sin(e)wave (notice the man(5)senses is the E in Sin(e)wave).
You Might Die in Jewish Gematria equals: 822: reduced 8(detail +2concern+2concern 12 and or 3 bell ring TOne
You Might Die in English Gematria equals: 816: reduced 8(detail +1Light/idea+6 containment) possessed Idea motivating body 8+1+6=15 or 6(containment)
You Might Die in Simple Gematria equals: 136: reduced 1Light/Idea+3RIng/Tone+6containment 1+3+6= 10 and or InputOutput Completed IDEA , Will you CARRY it or Leave it alone, Carry it=1 Leave it alone=0

What then does this tone share with other IDEAS of the same “wave/tone” just a Different Length
(G)ewish 822 – ‘Start From Scratch’, ‘National Treasure’, ‘Intercessor For Mankind’ and so forth
(English 816 – ‘Ventilator’, ‘Great Awakening’, ‘Bride Of Christ’, ‘November nine’, ‘the dark knight’ and so on….
(simple 136 – same as English.

AS a side note’ English”is the first Language as well. Not sure many people talk about that. It is what all use when you Boil something down to the POINT of a SO called Scientific Designation. anyways so many truths , so little time as minds close Late in the “year” .

Well Thailand may the the sounding board — they have just produced a corona virus passport – once stamped (after the jab) you can then travel the world — coming to a country near you !!

I stand with you for all of our humanity and the future generations. We can defeat the depopulation agenda being foisted on us in the name of “health.”

“Find your tribe” is a meme you hear quite often over these recent months. Your guest Alphonse is now apart of my tribe! Please get more quality guests like Alphonse – he is teaching self-empowerment to stand up to this vile medical tyranny. If men and woman learn from Alphonse then I think there is a bright future for individual freedom. Crow, thank you so much for having Alphonse as your guest, I have learned so much from you and Alphonse.

i am a living man. My name is as stated above. i will stand. i have been standing among the crowd of sheeple.

How? Why is it that there are so few of us? i am proud to stand with all of you men and woman!

i have turned off and put down my cell phone. ( I no longer carry it everywhere i go)
i custom build insulated greenhouses for anyone else who cares to grow their own food and get off the government tit.
i have taken back the responsibility of educating my children by taking them out of the indoctrination center
i have spoken as a true living man to everyone i meet and i make a point to say Hello to anyone i pass by

Be the change you want to see!!! It starts with knowledge and ends with action!!!

God bless you all

Hi crow
First time writer.
I am a first gen greek living in mtl,que.
Under lockdown curfew and crazy ass tickets….i am 100%with you.
If you know of anyone else in my neck of the woods who i can contact so that i can help against this crazy covid fight….I’d appreciate it.

I can see with that adult mind you always talk about Crrow, that these Emails are a controlled burn and the Alt Media is eating it up just like they’re supposed to. Much Love Friend.

Count me in .
Neither my partner , kids , my parents or I have entertained any of this lunacy. We have none of us worn the veil and I immediately removed the schools power of attorney for medical interventions at the outset of this sham scamdemic.
I a man and my family stand resolute beside all who strive for the rights our forefathers died to protect and justice for all who deserve it . United we stand, thanks for all your efforts and endeavours…. God bless you all

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