070 Solar Eclipses and the Elusive Sneaky Old/New Moon (Free)

Date: August 24, 2017

Many people went out to watch and film the eclipse of 2017. With so much video and coverage many are using new eyes to discover new things about solar eclipses. Welcome to the age of data review and scrutiny.

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3 Comments so far.

  1. Berta Nelson says:

    Another eclipse scheduled for April 2024 crossing USA from SW to NE, making a nice X at around St Louis. Might these two eclipses, Aug. 21, 2017 & April, 2024 be “bracketing” a timeline?
    I recently found out that Alice Bailey said 2025 would be the completion of set up of NWO. Not exactly those words but close. I have no fear of these things, but thought I’d send this for your perusal. I found the Alice Bailey info on the site titled David Icke Debunked. The info is near the end if you’d rather not listen to the entire lengthy commentary, which I thought was quite well done & respectful. Cheers

  2. Juliane Verroen says:

    Dear Crow, I just found something interesting about a telescope in the coral garden, min. 48. I thought it might interest you, it is not around zhe corner but you might come along https://youtu.be/P99Stl_8_AE

  3. carlierantoine@gmail.com says:

    Hello, I did some math with moon and sun, to check on the dimensions from Wikipedia… It looks ok: distance/radius ratio are correct approximations : Sun 93 million/432,000 = 215 while Moon 240,000/1,079 = 222
    This shows the announced numbers are viable and confirm that sun & moon have approximately the same size in the sky.
    The sun is not at “infinite distance” of light. It really creates a cone of shadow…
    I must be missing something. Can you please enlighten me ?