273- All’s (world’s) Fair in (not love) War – Illusory World’s Fairs & Expositions (Free)

Date: November 29, 2020

The World’s Fairs & Expositions of the mid-1800s – early 1900s started at the end of one supposed war that remade America and ended right before the first so-called, World War. They serve as a bleak reminder of the fall of society, culture & knowledge since the 1800s and stand as reminders of what could have been. Nearly all of the amazing buildings and technology were torn down after mere weeks on display, with few exceptions. In many ways, the World’s Fairs parallel the Olympics. We only have to comprehend the cancellation of the 2020 Olympics to see the hidden hand engaged in the ultimate hoodwink. Where are all the beautifully architected buildings and amazing technologies of the 1800s now, as we build boxes and rectangles in angles of sorrow? As we end this era of vulgarity, the new era is based on air promises so much more, as we head back to the future, and strive for higher ideals once more. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning…

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