310- Words to Avoid: Inn, Knock, You, Lay, Shun; Says the Good Dr. (Free)

Our guest is one of the earliest minds to draw the line between inoculations and autism and other damages to living beings. He did this in the early 70s. Here we cover a wide ranging homeopathic discussion to include how he cured the above mentioned, damaged, young life. The Dr. also sits on the board of Walter Russell concerns, whose works we afford deep respect. We also touch on sex and the fact that it is among the most difficult things we must work out in the coming age. It is becoming widely known (again) that the reproductive seed is not here for our amusement. Lastly, we get into the top concern of our time, the push to force all lives to submit to medical experiments. Our guest is a wealth of knowing with regard to the so-called jab and the evolution of this misguided practice.