Our guest built a life in paradise on one of the Hawaiian Islands. He was off grid with fruit trees, animals and all that he had hoped and dreamed for. Then 2020 set in and not far behind it the rise of insanity as an open operating procedure – in the light of day. This open 180 degree turn relies, of course, on men and women no longer comprehending their god given rights – or the laws still in force, if unenforced currently. Lock downs and all kinds of madness followed resulting in his family walking away from the dream they had built. It turns out Hawaii is a conquered Kingdom and has now been subject to severe, draconian measures. Our guest now resides back in the contiguous USA complete with sub-zero winters. While we touch on a number of occulted ideas, this is a tale of paradise lost, in one short year. Also, our best wishes go out to the men and women in Hawaii, now living under madness as is true of so many places in this world right now.

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