This is the account of a PhD in Microbiology who got sick, lost his sense of smell and taste and feared he had contracted what the evening news screams about every night. Two close family members also became ill and he got so bad he was hospitalized. After the fact he began to put his professional training to use. If what he tells us here is correct, put on your seat belt as something wicked this way comes. [Rewind] Over 100 years ago Christian Mystics and Natural Scientists claimed that inflammation is the root cause of all disease. They also stated that the only way to heal anybody is by using things that make up the human body. This will make sense to you later, so back to the present. [Fast-forward] As we recount what may have been learned by this man, ones and nines will litter the dis-ease names we cover. Even the protein in this tale will be attached to the number 19 – but fear not as this story ends in nature where there is no lie. And that saving role is played by Black Cumin Seed Oil. [Pause][Think][Arise]

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