There is a relationship between cathedrals, tarot and Alchemy, which comes down to ancient knowledge based in nature, and its preservation. One month before the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, I published episode 151 which stated that an encoded path to higher knowing is built into old cathedrals. I also mentioned that these paths, written in glass and stone, were being erased – hence the fire a month later underscoring my assertion. The masters who built these most magnificent of structures were also engaged in alchemy and by extension the knowing hidden in the symbolism of Tarot. Based on research, I avoid the Rider Waite and Thoth style tarot decks, which in my mind have inverted key functionality and meaning. As with all things, I aim for before the modern edit, which is around 1911. It is for this reason that the most modern deck I will use to learn is the original Marseilles tarot deck (not CBD Marseille). It is claimed there are older decks and I hope to see them one day. For now, we know that Alchemy and the symbolism of knowing was well advanced in France and remains at some level to this day, in spite of efforts to destroy these ancient and natural ways. Also, if you would like to know a few things about the majesty of those cathedrals, not built by the church, read Fulcanelli’s – The Dwellings of the Philosophers, and then consider all that is hidden in an old school tarot deck. After all, each of us plays the Fool, on a path we must navigate, to reach a higher level of knowing and existence.

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