As we ended 2019 you could feel an overwhelming sense that something was wrong. Shortly into 2020 “it” began, and since that time a plethora of illegal dictates have been enforced, under the guise of mandates and guidelines, which were then enforced as if they were backed by laws. They were not. It seems change is in the air now due to many legal challenges and by many simply saying no. Endless tickets and fines have been issued and yet the majority of those have been dismissed, at least for those who bothered to stand up. And as we speak the illegal mask mandate has ended but this too comes on the tail of legal papers filed in Texas followed by 20 states dropping the Illegal business enforced coercion. As is still true, Governors and Presidents cannot dictate anything to Americans and the CDC is a corporation not a governing body. In this episode we meet another living woman who is standing her ground, holding her position and creating groups to teach others how to do the same. If this catches on change will face-off with corporate tyranny.

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