409- It All Started on the Day I was Born… (Free)

Though we are granted life at the zygote, it is at the port of entry (birth) that the legal fictions of this realm begin. Each certificate and legal document created at birth have now been tracked down by our guest to show the nonsensical nature of the legal process initiated at your first breath. The (more…)

402- Comprehend Your Beginning, Not Your Birthday (Free)

Our guest returns to tell us about a new children’s book he is publishing on the Fourth of July aimed at offering ideas everyone should be aware of. The basis of our discussion is the idea that (nearly) everyone is considered legally deceased, resulting in all associated property being placed in trust. The fact that (more…)

398- No Cure or Rights in Sight – Now Pay Your Bill (Free)

The world of today is much different than the world of three years ago. What changed? Of course – it was perception that changed. For the most part no mainstay laws dealing with rights have changed and yet nearly everything has changed with regard to how business and corporations treat the general population. In short, (more…)

375.5- How to Win in One Move – To Win You Must Stand (Free)

In my youth we experienced the early implementation of the fall of western civilization. Of course, music was wrapped up in social engineering. I recall a Zeppelin song that held the lyric, “This is a song of hope”. It is my wish that this special Christmas episode serves as a song of hope. If you (more…)

367.5- Literally a Breath of Fresh Air (Free)

It is the responsibility of the older generation to look out for and guide the younger generation. We adults must set an example of what is right and defend those who are still in their minority, and not yet old enough to fend for themselves. This is true for every generation, and yet we see (more…)

361- A Child Has Arrived in an Unusual Way (Free)

We have reached a time where natural childbirth is an unusual event. Our guests today provide a road map and documents to show us all how it is done. The medical system itself is now geared to do what it does with little or no deviation from corporate procedure. This will include many immediate medical (more…)

360- God Given Rights are Permanent, Unless… (Free)

Somewhere along the line, after 2020, official places began acting as if rights no longer exist. There are endless stories of families being separated at medical facilities, never to see their loved one again. And this is only the beginning of the tales of woe brought on by establishments who seem to have forgotten that (more…)