What is the title of that old song? Oh yeah – “Who Are You?”. Do you know who you are? Until you have accurate comprehension of this question, you might have a tough time dealing with legal ideas and all that proceeds in a courtroom. And, if that is not enough to contend with, comprehension of law, jurisdiction and proceedings will be required if you are to defend your God given rights. Courtrooms in the modern era are like magic shows, complete with expensive snake-oil – the cost of which to be foisted on you as you are fooled into drinking the repulsive concoction. But – if you know who you are, the illusions of this stage begin to resolve. And you must be aware that there is the bible residing in most courtrooms. It serves as the foundation, under the man-made magic show of illusions and costumes. It also represents the truth of who you are and the existence of the highest court. Down here on this stage of illusions (the world), every effort will be made to ensure you pay for, and then drink the snake oil on offer, never comprehending who you are, in a state of amnesia. But then again, how do you defend a life consumed by the material world, never comprehending who they are or how they got here – their birthright – the Divine Spark, Freewill and Beneficiary – all forgotten under an onslaught of material illusions conjured and invoked by men in black…

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